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Protect Hands from Summer Sun

Often, looking at somebody’s hands is the best way to tell their true age. This is because the skin on the back of the hands is actually very thin, and therefore, extremely susceptible to damage. This damage then leads to loose skin, age spots, visible veins and more, and is something that you want to try to avoid before it is too late. Here are some of OROGOLD’s best tips on how to protect your hands from the summer sun.

UV Gloves
UV gloves have slowly been becoming more popular, and this is likely due to the increased awareness on the dangers of the sun. While they may not work with the majority of your outfits, they can be useful for times when sunscreen would not be enough. These may include a time when you are hiking or exercising in the sun, as your sunscreen would immediately sweat off, or for those who are driving long distances but do not want to keep stopping to reapply sunscreen. While UV gloves may seem like an extreme option, those who have already noticed their hands showing signs of aging should consider looking into them.

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A Protective Hand Cream
There are a whole variety of hand creams out there, and many of them contain an SPF, but this will usually not be high enough to give your hands adequate protection, so sunscreen is still necessary. There are also many hand creams that contain vitamin C, which is a natural ingredient that has been proven to neutralize the toxins that are formed in the skin after exposure to the sun. Using this regularly would reduce any wrinkles on the backs of your hands, as well as any dark spots and pigmentation.

Use Sunscreen
It goes without saying that one of the best ways to protect your hands from the summer sun is to make sure you cover them with sunscreen. However, it is not enough to simply give your hands a once-over after applying sunscreen to your face and the rest of your body. Your hands are always being used, and are likely to come into contact with water more often, so you are likely to need to re-apply sunscreen on your hands more frequently than anywhere else if you really want to protect them.

The same anti-aging moisturizers that you use on your face to eliminate wrinkles and keep your skin smooth and plump will also work the same way on your hands. However, OROGOLD also suggests investing in a moisturizing cream specifically for your hands, especially if you frequently wash them. Hand washing can lead to dryness, so it is essential that you give your hands some extra hydration after washing them.

It can be hard to turn back the clock when it comes to your hands, so it is important to prevent any damage from occurring in the first place. The same skin care practices that you use on the rest of your body, such as using a body scrub or a chemical peel, can also be used on your hands, so don’t forget about them the next time you are treating your skin!

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