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Relaxing Holiday Pampering at Home

The holidays are too often times of stress as much as they are about togetherness. You try and try to carve out time and space for yourself to relax, but there always seems to be something new to do. You deserve to be able to take a little time for yourself over the holidays. OROGOLD understands that it can be a bit difficult to figure out where to find that time in the work-life-holiday shenanigans balance. You can do it though. We’ve assembled a few ideas on how you can pamper yourself at home when you can steal a few minutes away from the rush of the season. There’s even a nice tip on something for you to enjoy even if you need to work from home due to the weather. Maybe between these tips you’ll be able to enjoy the holidays too.

Home facial

Festive Facial
You’ve got time for your skin care routine most days and have a good idea on how much time that takes. Try blocking out at least that much time during your downtime to use some of your favorite facial products. You don’t have to spend a full day at a spa just to get a facial after all. An at-home facial is a good time to experiment with the multi-masking trend that we’ve discussed before and assemble the perfect mask from your products. The holidays also mean that many products you enjoy may offer festively scented versions of themselves. You can combine the relaxing knowledge that you’re soothing and healing your skin with the scent of pies, cinnamon, and other holiday memories.

Make a Nest
Remember back in childhood when you’d make little mounds out of quilts, pillows, and whatever else fluffy there was in the house that you could lay hands on? The holidays make a great excuse to revisit this particular bit of childish wisdom. Create a space, even if it is just a little nook, that is just for you. Combine your favorite blankets and pillows together to create a luxurious place to sink into at the end of a long day of holiday shopping or after you got through that report that the storm finally let you send to your boss. The idea here is to pamper yourself as thoroughly as possible by making the area yours in a soothing and intimate fashion like you did as a child. Try using scented products to add an extra layer of comfort to the entire or digging out your favorite holiday books and movies to enjoy from the comfort of your nest.


Scents are a powerful thing all on their own. You can get them from far more sources than topical products too. Aromatherapy is a time-honored way to relax and pamper yourself in a subtle way regardless of your surroundings. All it takes is a candle, some scented wax, or an oil and you’re well on your way to filling the air with scents to relax you mind and body. OROGOLD recommends setting up your favorite source of scents in any room where you’re going to be working for an extended period. This provides something calming in the background while you work on the task at hand. Taking the edge off of the proceedings in this fashion should leave you feeling a bit refreshed despite the work. You’ll probably get the most out of this suggestion by combining it without next one though.

It won’t take much effort to make sure that you get the chance to pamper yourself over the holidays. There are plenty of chances for such things outside of your home, but pampering yourself means you can ensure everything goes your way instead of someone else’s. OROGOLD just hopes that you don’t get lost in indulging yourself and forget that you need to meet and greet with relatives for at least a few minutes over the holidays. You can have everyone trampling over your perfected pampering area, after all.

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