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Romance in Italy

Certain countries have a reputation for romance. France is particularly notorious thanks to Paris drawing people from all over the world who are looking for a romantic getaway. Fortunately for everyone, there are more places in the world with a nature beauty and atmosphere that can make it just the right place to visit with a partner or perhaps to go to find one. Italy has countless little places drenched in history and beauty. There’s little wonder the book and movie Under The Tuscan Sun exist once you’ve found yourself wandered some areas of the Italian countryside. Those living the good life have the pleasure of being able to visit Italy when it strikes their fancy and perhaps now’s the time if you need to organize a particular kind of getaway. There are worse things to do than open your heart in and to Italy.

Couple in a gondola in Venice

The romantic majesty and beauty of Italy is most often depicted using a trip to Venice for a reason. As a city built in a marshy area, it offers gondolas as a method of travel around the city. The soft lap of the water is never far from your ears in Venice and this lends the entire city a certain mystique. Aiding this mystique is the often old style of architecture that pervades most of the city thanks to its distant roots. It is almost impossible not to be transported away while you’re in Venice. It plays host to its own forms of nightlife and entertainment as well. You’d be hard pressed to visit Venice and not sit in on a musical performance though thanks to the city’s long history with the art. Age, beauty, and a distinct air means you’re sure to be able to make time with a partner here and have more than a fair chance to find one if you’re lucky.

Couple in Tuscany

Tuscany is a region of Italy rather than a particular city. The sprawling countryside is marked by vineyards and towns that lend the area a distinct rustic charm. A lot of popular Italian dishes have roots in Tuscany and as a result, it makes the area a prime place for anyone with a taste for cuisine to visit. Popular venues in the region often cooperate with local farmers and vineyards to provide fresh, local food paired with local wines for the ultimate regional dining experience. The rustic air also means there’s a delightfully romantic atmosphere for anyone who wants to get away from the larger cities in the country and enjoy alone time. Open air vacations do mean you should remember to wear sunscreen. Tuscany is perhaps one of the best places to get away when you’re with a partner, but given the movie Under The Tuscan Sun is based on a memoir…perhaps you could find someone as well.

Couple in Rome.

In many ways, there’s no way to talk about Italy without eventually reaching Rome. It is perhaps lingering proof of the ancient statement that “All roads lead to Rome”. In the modern era, this is less of a true statement as the city has fallen away from its long distant position as one of the most important cities in the civilized world. This hasn’t robbed the city of the ancient and imperial majesty it still commands. Countless historic sites and cultural centers are available throughout the city that provide ample opportunity for enjoyable walks with a partner throughout the city. Adding to this is that international draw of the city that ensures plenty of things to do in the city day or night. The old and the new blend seamlessly in the streets of Rome. This might make it just the place to rekindle a past romance or perhaps allow your interests and chance to guide you to a new one.

A romantic air isn’t hard to find in Italy even if Paris, France dominates most people’s minds when they think of romantic locations. Italy’s long history and beautiful countrysides more than make up for the lack of Paris’ reputation though. There’s something for almost every traveler in Italy. Just remember to be mindful of your skin and maintaining your beauty levels while you’re there. All the romance and good cuisine in the world won’t make up for forgetting to properly care for your skin.

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