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Routines That Beat Holiday Stress

The holidays are an enjoyable time of year for many people. Even if you have negative feelings surroundings the various holidays at the end of the year, there is still often something vaguely infectious about the enthusiasm with which people approach them. It can be charming despite one’s more complex feelings. All of that infectious enthusiasm, whether you’re the one with it or receiving it, can’t escape from the fact that the holidays are also stressful. We all end up dealing with various issues that pop up ranging from social gatherings to trying to get things just so to just trying to find time for ourselves. Holiday stress can make things difficult for anyone to enjoy themselves properly. You can establish routines and habits to help you deal with holiday stress though. Let’s go over a few of your options to beat holiday stress so that you can be sure you can enjoy this time of year regardless of stresses.

Set Aside Time For You
Holiday stress frequently builds up from the fact that it is difficult for us to actually get time to ourselves. Everyone seems to want part of our time. Some people need us constantly to make various decisions or to make sure that what so-and-so told them was okay is, in fact, still okay five minutes later. This is compounded by the seemingly necessary social engagements that take us to various gathering constantly. You need room to breathe in all the holiday mess. Make it a habit to carve out an hour or few for yourself each day that you get others to honor. This time should be devoted to something that you enjoy that can help you center yourself despite all the holiday chaos. You might want to make this time the few hours before bed so that you can slowly wind down and sleep a little easier too. That will contribute further to positive holiday stress management.

Plan and Delegate
Whether you’re at the center of a holiday social engagement or simply invited, you’re likely going to need to contribute at some point over the holiday season. This is frequently taxing to many of us as it means needing to budget time from a busy schedule. It is quite doable though providing we’re willing to use a little time to plan things beforehand. You need to focus on cultivating this kind of routine if you’re going to be throwing a holiday party or hosting a gathering. Figure out what you need to do and carve out small bites of time to get things done piece by piece rather than tackling it all at once. This will let you get a lot more done without feeling overwhelmed. Don’t be afraid to delegate over the holidays though. After all, what are friends and partners for? Ask them to help you get this done based on your schedule. It will help keep you just that much less stressed.

Consider Professional Help
There is no shame in needing professional mental health care sometimes. This is especially true when you’re expecting to be under a lot of stress. A good mental health care professional can help you keep track of your mood and sort through the chaotic mess of your life to find what it is that is getting to you in particular. This can be a truly useful form of stress management for those willing to commit to it. You’ll especially want to consider establishing a routine time slot with a professional if you have complicated feelings surrounding some of the meanings of the holidays such as family. There has never been and will never be shame in getting help. Humans need one another and to ask for help is a truly human thing to do. You know yourself best though. The key to making use of professional mental healthcare as part of managing holiday stress is to start early in the season or a couple of months beforehand and seeing the therapist at least once or twice a month to help you sort through your thoughts and feelings. That should help you learn habits to help you manage your stress between sessions.

Some people laugh off holiday stress, but it is a very real thing for many people. It can turn up from multiple sources and needs to be dealt with to help ensure that we remain as happy and healthy as we can. No one can force you to enjoy the holiday season, but you can at least take steps to ensure you have routines and habits that help you not be miserable. Remember to make time for yourself while ensuring you plan and delegate larger holiday projects. That will go a long way towards managing holiday stress.

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