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Secrets to Big Bold Brows Naturally

Eyebrow styles fade in and out of fashion, but lately one has been coming back: bold eyebrows. Multiple British actresses and others are making an impact in the world by going for fuller eyebrows that truly define their face rather than simply acting to highlight their eyes. The catch is that not everyone’s eyebrows are necessarily willing to agree to grow in such a way. So what are you to do if you want the look, but nothing seems to work? OROGOLD has a few ideas in that area that might just help you get the bold brows that you want. You’re potentially going to need to unlearn a few habits though.

Stop Damaging Your Eyebrows
No more plucking. No more waxing. No more anything. Okay, the last one is a bit of a stretch, but you get the idea. Plucking and waxing all pull hairs out by the root to help keep an eyebrow’s shape. This is good thing in most cases as it lets you maintain a look without your eyebrows becoming untidy. The problem is that ripping those hairs out can not only damage the hair permanently, but it also makes it difficult for them to regrow. If you’re used to doing this regularly, you need to break yourself of the habit. You need to leave your eyebrows alone if you want them to grow out fuller and thicker. They will come back from that treatment, but you have to give them time.

Shape Your Brows Properly
And no, OROGOLD does not mean start plucking again. You can get a few stray hairs out at the edges and in other unwanted places once your brows have grown back in some, but focus more on brushing your eyebrows. Brow hairs will look a bit thicker if they’re all flowing in a similar direction as opposed to going every which way. You already know this and are probably in the habit of it if you’re used to tending your eyebrows. This experience will help you make the most of this. Just follow your usual steps for shaping and making your eyebrows a bit bolder without product. We recommend doing this while your brows grow back as well to try to keep them as neat as possible as they grow too.

Proper Diet and Health
Everything about your body is affected by your diet and overall health. This does include eyebrow growth. If you’re struggling to grow out your brows, consider your current diet. Are you getting enough vegetables and healthy fats in your diet? If not, focus on adjusting to a healthier lifestyle. Vitamin A and E rich food like carrots, dark leafy greens, almonds, and spinach are going to be especially helpful to you in this matter. These help promote both healthy skin and hair health as well. It won’t give you a rapid and dramatic effect, but it may be the push your body needs in the right direction if you’re struggling to grow your eyebrows out. The nutrients will help the rest of your health as well.

Growing eyebrows is something your body does naturally, but if you did any harm to that process you have to heal from it. Use the time to focus on building a healthier lifestyle if you need to do so. OROGOLD also recommends regularly cleansing or otherwise cleaning your brow area as well to make sure buildup doesn’t inhibit hair growth either. While you may not achieve results as dramatic as some actresses, you should be able to get a bolder brow in time in a perfectly natural way.

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