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Simple Ways To Up Your Curb Appeal

Many of us are in the position to sell our homes when we want to move. The reasons for moving tend to vary, but we all have to deal with the real estate market at that point. Putting in a little effort before you start the process of selling your home can help increase its overall value and attractiveness to potential buyers. This generally involves a little bit of remodeling and painting to help create a particularly attractive environment. Plenty of people have pronounced opinions of the right colors to use in your home and the proper fixtures to make a place sell faster, but we’re going to focus on tips for making the best first impression possible. Good curb appeal, that is the beauty of the home when viewed from the street, can go a long way towards ensuring more people are interested enough in your home to arrange a walk through and increase your odds at selling the home quickly.

A Little Gardening
Landscaping and window boxes can do a lot to help increase the curb appeal of any home. The amount of work you put into it doesn’t have to be phenomenal, but you do need to find a way to make things look tasteful. Seasonal flowers tend to be a good option for helping to make a home looking particularly inviting. Consider coordinating the displays with your house’s colors to make it particularly beautiful. Container gardening, in particular, can make for a tasteful element by using the containers themselves as part of the beauty of the landscape. Even simple flower beds can be particularly beautiful with the right edges. Window boxes make for a great accent to other gardens. It creates a playful splash of color that is readily visible from the road and makes a home look even more cheerful. Using any of these ideas will help increase the overall curb appeal of your home with a relatively small investment.

Light It Up
Lighting tends to play a large role in how we view any given location. It doesn’t seem like it would do much to increase curb appeal since people view homes during the day, but tastefully arranged lighting can do wonders. Consider that you have plenty of options out there for helping to set a particular mood. Solar lighting, in particular, tends to be a delightful addition to any home when used correctly. Some of the best uses for lighting include using them to highlight particularly aesthetically beautiful plant life to keeping paths visible even during the dark. These offer nice aesthetic additions to a home, but lighting can increase your curb appeal in another way. Adding in proper security lighting tends to be something potential homeowners will notice and adds a clear sense of safety to a home that can make it feel all the more welcoming. Much like with gardens, lighting tends to be a quick and relatively low-cost way to improve the curb appeal of a home.

Beautiful front door of a home

Door to the Future
Increasing curb appeal is all about creating a tasteful display. Landscape plays a large role in that, but you can also achieve similar results by dressing up the front door and the immediate area around it. Remember that the door is where many people’s eyes are most going to be inevitably drawn when looking at a home. Making the area look nicer will make it more welcoming. This means replacing any failing parts of it such as home numbers or oiling handles to make everything shine like new. Additionally, consider tasteful door decoration that keeps the home looking inviting no matter the time of year. Wreaths and other displays can offer a way to add a small, tasteful accent that colors how people view your home. A good welcome mat paired with touching up the paint in the area can also do a lot to increase the overall appeal. Don’t hesitate to install a new door if you find one that fits the home perfectly though as it will help the home stand out more.

Finding ways to increase your home’s curb appeal goes a long way towards improving how well it will sell once it hits the market. It will be better able to capture people’s attention and show them what it has to offer. It doesn’t hurt to just increase the curb appeal when you’re intending to keep living there either. After all, then you have the satisfaction of coming home to somewhere that looks as good as it feels inside.

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