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Skincare for Humid Holiday Locations

Most of us know how to care for our skin properly at home. After all, that’s where we are most of the time. We travel around the same general area doing our daily routines to keep our households in order and stocked on what is required. All it takes is a little experimentation and reading to figure out how best to care for your skin under such circumstances as it doesn’t really change that much apart from in winter. Summer has its concerns of course, but we can all just gradually shift our routines to deal with the change of seasons. Travel is an entirely different matter. We rapidly change environments and the routine we’re using might not be good for that climate at all. With summer well and truly upon us, let’s take a good look at how to take care of your skin in any humid holiday locations you might find yourself in.

Cleansing and Oil Control
The big issue of hot, humid climates is sweat. You’ll be doing it no matter what you do as soon as you step outside. This causes a particular set of problems for skin. Sweat, as a symptom of being hot, means that your body is trying to cool itself. The heat makes oil production accelerate as well as your skin tries to protect itself. This mix of sweat and oil is quite likely to cause your skin to get clogged pores if you’re not taking appropriate steps to ensure your skin remains clean. This means using a gentle cleanser every day to ensure you clear your face of all impurities. It needs to be gentle due to needing to use it routinely. Look for one with oil control properties for an extra boost to skin health over the long term too.

Woman applying sunscreen

Yes, the eternal ingredient in skin care figures heavily into taking care of your skin in hot and humid climates. Remember the bit where we highlighted that your skin likes to produce oils in response to heat? Your skin knows your sweat is wearing away at your natural oils. This renders your skin less defended against the sun. You may not be able to tell your body not to worry about this problem, but you can counteract it on your own. Remember to apply your sunscreen routinely throughout the day to provide proper protection. Sunscreen needs to be reapplied roughly every two hours in many cases. Make sure to invest in one with broad spectrum protection of at least SPF 30. Sunscreens using physical blockers are a particularly good option as they can help hold moisture to your skin.

Keep Your Skin Moisturized
It seems counterintuitive with all the humidity, but in truth, we’ve already covered why your skin is likely to be down on moisture. You’ll be sweating in a humid climate to keep your body cool and this will reduce the effectiveness of your natural oils. Less protection means potential for sun damage and that dries out the skin. The various products we use to control oils also run the same risk. This is why investing in a good water-based noncomedogenic moisturizer is a good idea. It will provide light coverage that helps your skin remain healthy and moisturized without making the humid weather any worse for your skin. A noncomedogenic product won’t clog your pores, which is important with all the sweat, and a water-based moisturizer won’t interact with your natural oils and boost the occurrence of skin issues.

Taking care of your skin at a humid holiday destination isn’t actually that hard. Just remember they are typically both humid and sunny. There are a constellation of issues that this brings up. Most of us already know how to deal with them or only need a little reminder to keep skin as healthy as possible. Don’t let the weather keep you from enjoying your trips.

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