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Stuttgart’s Porsche Museum

The idea of a museum is fairly universal for most people. It is a simple building for storing pieces of history, art, or science for display. They serve as a method to help educate the public and raise the general level of cultural awareness. Sometimes the museums have a particular focus depending on their builder or patron though. Stuttgart’s Porsche Museum is specifically a museum meant to help showcase the history of the automobile brand. It covers everything from the early years to the various makes and models that appear up until modern day. There’s no getting around that it functions partly as an ad for the brand, but the openness and long view of the automobile industry make it particularly interesting for any enthusiasts. They also do their best to ensure that nothing gets in the way of the cars. The museum is about them and not any secondary displays.

A Lengthy Legacy
One core focus on the museum is showcasing the legacy of Porsche as a brand. The company curates rotating displays in the museum meant to highlight the principles around which they have designed their vehicles for ages. This leads to frequent clusters of vehicles highlighting some of the best designs for a given principle. However, what may really attract automobile enthusiasts is that there is a section of the museum dedicated to exploring Porsche before it became what people know today. This involves going back to old designs that predate the modern company and are pulled from the depths of the founding family’s history. By exploring the depth of the legacy, people are able to better appreciate how far automotive design has come. This is what one would expect from a museum for the company. They do it well by allowing their work to speak for itself in a comparatively minimalist space that avoids busy displays in favor of properly exhibiting their cars.

Porche Museum, Stuttgart

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A Focus on the Craft
Another aspect the Porsche museum shares with other museums is that they have rotating exhibitions based around particular themes. The long history of the company means that they’ve had the chance to shake things up before and experimented with different directions for their brand. Naturally, this has lead to the company’s share of success and failures. The rotating displays allow the company to focus in on particular parts of their history to give a more detailed picture of what happened. This helps to contrast the broader focus of the general museum. Each rotating display tends to focus on a smaller production era to ensure proper appreciation for their goals of continual innovation. Until October 16th, the focus is actually on “The Transaxle Era” where they experimented with a new way of building their iconic sportscars. The next special exhibit is sure to follow in a similar theme that will have the depth enthusiasts are looking for while maintaining a visually impressive display.

Feel the History
There is one thing that helps to set apart the Porsche Museum from other museums though: they appreciate a living history. This translates to the fact that the Porsche museum routinely rotates exhibits in and out around the world. These exhibits are particularly special as they give people the opportunity to drive the cars in the exhibit to get a feeling for how the cars actually handle instead of being restricted to speculation based on available statistics. This makes the displays something truly special for any enthusiast. Most of these displays take place at motorsport events for an obvious reason. It provides a closed area where people can experience the cars while the company gets to display both its legacy and their ultramodern relative at the same time. So keep an eye out if you’re traveling to any of the larger races and events around the world. You may just see one of these truly traveling displays.

The Porsche Museum is more than a simple way for the company to showcase its history. It does that, yes, but it tries to clearly explain what drives their designs and ideas instead of being a simple, stagnant display. It emphasizes the motion and life involved in the design of automobiles. The rotating display further aids in this by allowing them to share a closer look at both their success and failures. Anyone with a passion for the automotive world will get a lot out of a visit to the museum.

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