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Sun Protection VS Sun Benefits

There seems to be a constant debate going on about whether the sun is good or bad for the body, and this can often be confusing. Although sun exposure can have many benefits, the increase of skin cancer cases around the world, most of which are caused by sun damage, means that more and more people are fearing the harmful effects of the sun. OROGOLD takes a closer look at the different benefits that the sun can bring, as well as when it is important to protect your body from the harmful UV rays.

Vitamin D
One of the most well-known benefits of the sun is that it is needed in order for the body to produce sufficient levels of vitamin D, which is created by the skin’s response to UV radiation. In addition to helping promote bone growth and prevent certain diseases, including breast and colon cancer, vitamin D also reduces inflammation within the body and helps to combat depression. However, the body only needs about 15 minutes of sunlight each day in order to replenish its vitamin D levels, and, after this, the vitamin D production in the body ceases, as too much vitamin D would be damaging. Although sunscreen does prevent the body from producing vitamin D, studies have shown that the majority of us still don’t apply sunscreen in the most effective manner, meaning that it is more than likely that even with sunscreen, your body will still be able to produce the small amount of vitamin D that is needed each day.

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Sunlight Lowers Blood Pressure
When the skin is exposed to UV rays, a compound, called nitric oxide, is released, and this lowers the body’s blood pressure. Studies have shown that an hour of exposure to UV rays significantly lower blood pressure levels, and the same effects could not be replicated with the use of just heat lamps.

Sun Exposure Boosts the Immune System
Exposure to the sun has been proven to help suppress overactive immune systems, which is why sunlight is used to treat a variety of autoimmune diseases, including psoriasis. Although ‘sunbathing therapy’ has been extremely effective at treating many cases, it is still an alternative method of treatment and should not be carried out without the supervision of a professional in order to reduce the side effects that come from UV exposure. In addition to this, the level of white blood cells in the body also increases with sun exposure, and these play a huge role when it comes to fighting off diseases and protecting the body from infections.

Although the sun has a whole array of benefits for the body, this does not counter the damage that the sun can also cause, and it is still what is to blame for the majority of skin cancer cases all over the world. However, OROGOLD strongly stresses that when it comes to sun exposure, moderation is key. Sunscreen is still necessary, but, 15 minutes of unprotected sun exposure a day would seem to be more beneficial than harmful for the body.

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