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The Acupuncture Face Lift Option

Trying to manage the signs of aging can be a particular problem once we pass certain points in our lives. Nature, no matter how hard we try, does catch up to us eventually and we have to figure out how to make peace with it…or defy it. Fortunately, there are many modern cosmetic procedures that exist to help with such defiance. They’re clearly regulated with expected standards of care as well as clear outcomes. Most of them are surgical though. Many people have perfectly legitimate concerns about undergoing any form of surgery. It is a little unnerving to consider even if it is perfectly safe. As a result, some people look for non-surgical options that offer similar benefits without the invasive procedure. Such procedures do exist in many, but not all cases. One of the potential options that people advertise is an acupuncture face lift.

True to its name, an acupuncture face lift utilizes the methods of acupuncture in an attempt to try to help reduce sagging and even out the overall face. This involves putting many thin, sharp needles into the skin at various points in the face. Proponents claim that does so helps to stimulate the body’s natural energies to induce healing. Acupuncture claims that qi, a vital force of the body, is able to be manipulated for the betterment of health in many ways. Beauty is just one of the potential applications. Claims surrounding these acupuncture face lifts can be somewhat dramatic depending on the professionals offering them. They can also be quite tempting given the advertised quality doesn’t look that far off from normal results and that procedure is non-invasive even though it does involve sticking needles into your face. Unfortunately, there is no way to actually recommend such procedures.

The Vagaries of “Energy”
As a form of “energy medicine”, acupuncture falls strictly in the realm of alternative medicine. This makes it somewhat dubious to begin with, but it isn’t right to dismiss something outright without looking closer. Scientists have repeatedly studied acupuncture and found that it has little to no effect on the human body. That is to say that any observed effects are so small that they fall outside of statistical significance and might just be the white noise one expects in any study. Furthermore, qi has never been detected by any known measure. This alone casts doubt on the procedure since without qi the entire mechanism for action doesn’t exist. Sadly, acupuncture’s lack of validity means that it isn’t necessarily an actual non-surgical option for you to consider. At the very least it isn’t one you should expect much of an effect from at all without it being modified in some fashion.

In The Details
Interestingly though, there may be an actual effect associated with getting an acupuncture face lift or just generalized acupuncture for the face. All the needles going into your face over the course of such procedures do leave their mark. These tiny wounds in the skin that are easily sealed, but they do still need to be healed afterwards. Creating the woods gives the skin a temporary boost to its natural repair abilities that can stimulate better health and appearance depending on the individual. This shouldn’t come as a terrible surprise as this principle is already harnessed by a relatively common beauty tool: the dermaroller. Coverage with acupuncture isn’t necessarily as thorough as using a dermaroller though. This means you can’t expect quite as noticeable an effect as you might like. Overall, this makes even what little boost you can get from facial acupuncture less than worthwhile.

Acupuncture is a pseudoscience. It makes many claims, but is unable to back them up. The few positive studies for it tend to come from either bias or modification to the actual practice in some way such as running light electrical currents through the needles (something medical science already did in another way). This makes utilizing acupuncture for a non-surgical face lift a dubious proposition at best. Try talking to your doctor about other options if you’re truly interested in figuring out what is best for your skin.

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