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One of the largest issues with travel is ensuring that you have someplace decent to stay at during your travels. Hotels can easily be a hassle even with a five-star rating. Larger ones tend to be packed with constant bustle and sound. People moving everywhere can make it hard to actually get rest in such hotels even if the accommodations are wonderful. It is little wonder that people have started to favor the smaller, boutique-style hotels that provide style, luxury, and a personal touch. The Dylan is one such hotel located in Amsterdam. It is a smaller hotel, but it’s focus on quality and its own sense of style might just make it the ideal hotel for anyone living a luxe lifestyle. You certainly won’t have to deal with too many people bustling around at once.

Lasting Beauty
The actual premises of The Dylan have been around Amsterdam for centuries. Its history actually dates back to the 1600s when it was originally built as a theater. Time has given the old building a colorful history that includes it almost burning down. Today it continues to stand despite the rigors of time. It was lovingly renovated and restored almost two decades ago to become the hotel people know today. The Dylan is located in the central area of Amsterdam with proximity to many shopping and restaurant options. However, it should be noted that The Dylan does include its own restaurant and bar for guests who wish to enjoy its quiet atmosphere in the evening instead of venturing out into the busy Amsterdam streets. Don’t worry if you’re not a fan of classic design aesthetics though as The Dylan is stylishly modern despite its exterior.

The Dylan’s architecture means that it offers two kinds of rooms to guest: Garden or Canal view. All rooms are arranged around the central courtyard with a garden and provide ready access to the rest of the hotel. Notably, you will be able to find a kind of room to suit your tastes regardless of your preference in accommodations. With five separate potential room types, you can match the needs or the purpose of your trip to the rooms you stay in. The rooms are all furnished with a modern to modern-leaning neo-classical style that combines history with a distinct modern sensibility. Space is important in The Dylan and as such the rooms are never crowded. They are designed to make a guest’s stay pleasant as possible while providing adequate room to move around with a crisp look. Importantly, each style of room has its own set of aesthetics so you can make each stay at The Dylan different if you so wish.

A Cut Above
Maintaining all of the room choices as well as their internal dining options has garnered The Dylan a lot of attention both locally and internationally. It has won and been nominated for a wide variety of awards praising its quality as a hotel. Notably, the hotel is a member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World organization. This means they continually do their best to refine the service and experience that is The Dylan. The previously mentioned restaurant, Restaurant Vinkeles, is no slouch when it comes to living up to the reputation of the hotel either. It as a one Michelin star winning restaurant focusing on French cuisine with a charming and intimate space for eating designed to keep with the relaxing feeling of the rest of the hotel.

The Dylan may be one of Amsterdam’s luxuries, but its intimate setting often makes it feel like one of the less known one. It’s forty rooms are all designed to accommodate and pamper its guests for the duration of their stay. A central location may make it easier to get places, you might not want to leave The Dylan once you check in. You can see charming views out most windows that will let you get a sense of Amsterdam’s history and beauty even if you’re only watching the sunset from your suite.

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