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The Flagler Club

The growing popularity of the boutique hotel experience has lead to the loss of some guests for larger hotels. This wasn’t something anyone expected to last terribly long, and The Breakers at Palm Beach is proving just that with its Flagler Club. It takes inspiration from the self-contained luxury areas of resort ships by offering guests of the Flagler Club that extra edge of service and luxury when compared next to the rest of the guests. Based on the upper floors of The Breakers, the hotel staff go above and beyond normal service to set the Flagler Club apart from the rest of the hotel. This is helped by a high staff to guest ratio along with a limited number of suites available that each provide a view of the surrounding area. It aims to be just the sort of place to interest those who intend to be staying in the area for a little while.

The Basics
There are three styles of suite available to would-be guests at the Flagler Club. Each one comes in a separate size as well as offering a different view of the surrounding area. There are views of both the ocean and the island itself. The suites utilize their space in different ways to offer guests their choice of luxuries. The space has had professional designers go over them to ensure a beautiful combination of luxury and utility. In particular, the hotel likes to call attention the marble bathrooms with special fixtures to make them all the more gratifying to sink into after a long day. Spacious beds mean there is plenty of room for you and one other guest. The hotel is strict about maintaining a lower guest count in the rooms in the Flagler Club to help maintain the distinctive air favored by its guests.

The Extras
Luxury accommodations aren’t where the club stops though. They ensure guests have access to high-speed internet access wherever they desire within the club itself. This is fairly basic, but it goes far beyond this. Staying in the club provides access to their fitness center complete with fitness classes provided by their professional staff to help enhance your use of the facility. Other benefits include access to the club exclusive lounge and terrace. The distinctly designed are provides Flagler Club guests the opportunity to enjoy one another’s company with a clear view of the beauty of the surrounding area. You can expect still more from the club in this respect. All of these help complete the boutique experience, but we haven’t even touched on the expectation to have of the staff.

Signature Service
The heart of the Flagler Club experience comes from the dedicated staff. They are meant to utilize information about you, as a guest, to personalize your stay even before you actually arrive. This involves helping to ensure the room is stocked to your tastes/ They help inform the rest of the staff of your expectations as well as ensuring you need to spend as little time doing things other than enjoying yourself as possible. This includes picking you up from the airport or acquiring a house car to provide you with transport somewhere. Regular service on the part of the staff provides a clear line of communication to ensure your meals and the rest of the service remain according to your tastes throughout your stay. It completes the truly luxurious experience the boutique accommodations offer.

The Flagler Club may be part of a larger hotel, but it offers the boutique experience without needing to find a boutique hotel. It allows you to enjoy a truly luxurious experience while remaining at the heart of Palm Beach with ready access to other places of note during your stay. It is a distinct way to enjoy living a luxe lifestyle without it taking any extra effort to find quality accommodations.

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