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The Luxury Wig Market

Wigs are often regarded as something of a dirty secret among some circles. It leads to people being seen as lesser simply because their own hair is ostensibly failing them in some way. This makes little sense given everyone tends to experience at least some hair thinning with age. All that varies is the pattern of the thinning and the degree to which the hair things. Some people have genetic issues that can cause them to lose hair or they fight off a catastrophic illness and it costs them. There are even people who buy wigs to give themselves extra style options so that they don’t have to worry about what they do to their own hair as much. All of these are valid reasons to have and wear a wig. There’s absolutely no reason anyone should ever feel ashamed about it. Finding a good wig can be difficult, though. Fortunately, the luxury wig market often does its absolute best to both create stylish wigs and ensure their lasting quality. Let’s take a quick look into the qualities to consider when shopping for such a wig.

All About The Hair
Hair is the centerpiece of all wigs. This may seem like an obvious statement, but it does bear mentioning as it isn’t meant in the obvious way. Yes, it is the most obvious part of the wig, but what the actual hair of the wig is made of plays a large part in the overall quality and realism of the wig. Cheaper wigs often use synthetic hair that can at least pass an initial glance, but is not as realistic when being viewed up close. As a result, the luxury wig market uses both animal and human hair. Your best option is, typically, to find a company that specializes in the uses of “Remy hair”. This is a form of human hair subjected to a lower amount of processing that includes realistic roots to provide the best overall appearance. The lower level and careful natural of the processing means it responds best to cutting and other forms of treatment when styling the wig.

The Right Fit
All kinds of wigs come in varying sizes regardless of the materials used in their creation. There are a few core measurements when it comes to deciding on the overall size of wig that any given person needs. They involve taking a general measurement of the circumference of the head, the measurement from ear to ear over the crown of the head, and the measurement from the front of the hairline to the end of it over the head to the neck. These are all factored together to get a generic wig size that you can use to find any number of ready-made wigs. It makes for a relatively simply process if you expect you’ll be going through more than one wig for your sense of style. This is particularly useful for anyone using them to change up their style regularly. However, anyone looking for a realistic way to help themselves feel less self-conscious about thinning hair will want to find people who do a custom fit. Such companies will take your measurements and create the wig specifically for you rather than a general shape to give you the proper luxury treatment.

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Style Is Still Everything
While there are many kinds of wigs available on the market, you’ll generally want to be looking for a lace wig if you want to get the most realistic option. Lace wigs are particularly good at being threaded with all varieties of hair while providing a natural feeling foundation that works well when styled with the rest of your hair. Lace front wigs in particular are one of the most popular forms of luxury wig available. They are useful both for anyone dealing with thinning hair and people looking to regularly change up their style. This style allows the wearer to trim back the lace in which the hairs are tied to help create a very realistic hairline to the wig that makes it hard, even up close, for anyone to tell you’re wearing a wig. Subtlety combined with the versatility of easy styling ultimately them the go-to for anyone looking to make the most of the luxury wig market.

Regardless of why you need a wig, it does take time to learn to properly secure them. Most companies making wigs will provide instructions on how to appropriately wear and secure their wigs with a purchase of the wig. If they do not, you should look for guides online or ask a knowledgeable friend to ensure that you get the most out of your purchase.

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