The Most Unique, Expensive and Tasty Burgers in the US

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The Most Unique, Expensive and Tasty Burgers in the US

There’s something truly satisfying about a good hamburger. The heft of it in your hands alongside the feel of a nice, full bite is part of why hamburgers are so popular. It doesn’t hurt that so many aspects of the burger can be customized to cater to everyone’s tastes. This means that pretty much everyone can agree on going out for burgers. As a result, burgers are, in many ways, viewed as a classic American food even though there have been many claimed inventors of the famous food of varying nationalities. Their sheer commonality can make finding a good burger a little more difficult than we’d all like. Furthermore, where do you go if you want something out of the ordinary when it comes to hamburgers? We’re going to take a look at some of the most interesting and tasty hamburgers in the United States so you’ve got an idea of where you’ll want to visit while traveling.

Unique Burgers
The basic hamburger is pretty simple. A beef patty is grilled and put on a bun with assorted condiments and greens. Taste of the patty varies depending on the spices used and the grill itself. Some restaurants take things just a little further than a unique blend of spices. They opt to create entirely new experiences that leave people realizing they had more than just any old burger. On the East Coast, you can find a somewhat international burger known as the Frita Cubana at El Mago in Miami. It uses a mix of meats, including chorizo, to create an interestingly spicy burger with a complex flavor. Not everyone wants to deal with the heat of Miami though. New York has its share with “The Original DB Burger” at the DB Bistro Moderne raising the bar a little with a high-class mix of meats braised meat and truffle. If that’s not wild enough for you, then you can actually try visiting the Crazee Burger in San Diego to get game meat burgers made out of the meat of different wild animals. That could be particular fun as you could surprise people by telling them what alligator tastes like.

Expensive Burgers
Finding the most expensive burgers in the US isn’t really that hard. You just have to follow the money. This typically means that you’re going to end up in Las Vegas one way or another. If you’re willing to drop $777 dollars for a burger, then you can do so at Le Burger Brasserie inside Caesar’s Palace. It combines premium ingredients from around the world including Kobe beef and Maine lobster to create a rich, inviting, and expensive burger. All told it is typically a worthwhile experience according to most. You don’t need to go all the way out to the desert though if you want an expensive burger. There are plenty to be found in New York if you want a quick bite while passing through. The B&B Indulgence at the Beer & Buns restaurant can give you your burger fix for $250 dollars. Like most of its competitors at this level, it uses Wagyu beef and foie gras along other luxury ingredients like truffles to create a rich feast for the sense in more ways than one.

Tastiest Burgers
Actually pinning down the tastiest burgers in the US is a lot more difficult than it is for other kinds of “Best of” due to the fact that what makes for a tasty burger depends upon the individual. Some people like a classic burger well done while others will want some of the unique fare we’ve discussed. For people looking for the basics, a burger from the Farm Burger chain in Georgia might be just the thing. It utilizes local, seasonal ingredients to help create good burgers that are also environmentally conscious. The end result is a relatively simple, but tasty burger. You can get a burger with at least somewhat similar sensibilities in San Francisco though if you stop by 4505 Burgers & BBQ though. Don’t worry though. New York has some of the tastiest burgers in addition to some of the most expensive. Stop by The Spotted Pig for a Chargrilled Burger and you can be sure to enjoy one of the best hamburgers in the US by popular opinion. Don’t overlook Husk in Charleston, South Carolina though. The cheeseburger has also been highly rated as one of the best in the country.

Hamburgers are about enjoying simple yet filling food…or about having the wildest mix of flavors imaginable. This really depends on who is doing the cooking. If you’re on a quest for your own personal burger heaven, then you’ll want to decide what it is you want out of the burger. Figuring that out will make it easy enough to set the perfect path towards the best burger you’ll ever have.

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