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The Refrigerator of Art

Furnishing a home or even a particular room can be a pain. You have to determine if you like the look of the room, what works with said looks, what suits your tastes, and what works with the amount of space you have in the first place. It is a long list of annoyance if you’re particularly determined to set the mood. Kitchens are notoriously finicky in this regard as they also involve getting every function you want into the room as well. Do you want that sleek modern look or do you want a homey look that seems straight out of a magazine? It may take time, but most of us eventually find a look that works for us. It is seldom anything stunning, but it works. If you’re looking for something truly spectacular though, then you might want to look at the Frigoifero d’Arte. You’ll get a refrigerator and a work of art.

The What?
The Frigoifero d’Arte roughly translates to “The Refrigerator of Art”. It is a combination of hand-painted artwork and a modern take on a classic style of refrigerator. The goal is to utilize the comparatively smooth and unbroken canvas of a retro-style fridge with the eye for beauty of talented artists to create an appliance that is both functional and a distinct talking piece. They are the result of a collaboration between two Italian companies: Smeg and Dolce & Gabbana. Smeg’s refrigerator offers the comfortingly smooth lines of a retro fridge with modern expectations within the interior. It remains highly capable of operating at the same level you’d expected with the inclusion of an eye towards energy efficiency. The components aren’t what set these fridges apart though. There are only 100 of them and they are hand-painted.

The Beauty of Sicily
Each bit of hand-painted art is unique and utilizes classic Sicilian design motifs to help bring life to an otherwise mundane appliance. The result is an explosion of color with an eye towards elegance. In many ways, it suits the Smeg refrigerator well as the artwork recalls classic Sicilian art. There’s more to it than that though. All the artists were asked to focus on aspects of the history and culture to help emphasize and highlight Sicily. The end result is artwork that showcases ancient battles, long dead royalty, and other important people. Seldom are these scenes alone though. They are almost entirely surrounded by colorful floral or geometric patterns that draw the eye to the central portion. It leads to a situation where you can be sure your refrigerator will be noticed no matter where you put it. You might want to put more consideration into the other décor of the room though to ensure it doesn’t stand too alone.

A Piece of History and Culture
It may seem nonsensical, but the unique nature of these products is as much a part of the history as the scenes they depict. Their unique nature is due to the collaboration being a celebration of the history of the companies involved as well. There will only ever be so many before the companies fully move on from this act of celebration. It ends up providing both a glimpse into history and the history of art. The art itself easily acts to start conversations. Things have been done to protect the artwork on the fridge, but you may wish to take precautions to ensure that the appliance is less subject to damage than others. After all, you don’t just have a fridge in acquiring a Frigoifero d’Arte. It is also a piece of fine art.

Possessing a piece of fine art is often part of a luxury lifestyle. You can actually surround yourself with the beauty that so many people desire. The problem is there is only so much wall space and not everyone enjoys purely aesthetic pieces and desires them to be useful in some way. A Frigoifero d’Arte is an obvious solution to this problem in that it provides beauty as well as function. You can have your art and eat from it too.

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