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The Tallest Luxury Hotels in the World

Luxury hotels are one of those things that tend to stand out by their service and amenities. They distinguish themselves almost solely by this and sometimes do their best to go unnoticed so that their guests are left alone. Not every luxury hotel is like that though. Some of them revel in their status in a variety of ways. One of the ones that tends to have a large visual impact is when the hotel is one of the tallest buildings in the area. Tall, super luxurious hotels have a way of capturing our imaginations though and some of them have ended up being among the more recognizable buildings of the world. The catch is that we don’t always know exactly where they are and that can make booking a stay a little difficult. We’ve got a quick look at some of the tallest luxury hotels in the world to help solve that problem.


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Grand Hyatt Shanghai, China
Now, we’re cheating a little on this, but so is the hotel. This hotel is located in the Jin Mao Building in Shanghai, but doesn’t take up the whole building. Instead it takes up the 53rd to the 88th floor of the building providing its guests with all the luxury accommodations that they could want. The highlights of the hotel included the view from the hotel itself. Thanks to the overall height, you can get a good look at the surrounding city with few issues. They capitalize on this with an internal skywalk to let you get a full view of the surrounding area with as few issues as possible. Admittedly, that’s far from the only attractive thing about the Grand Hyatt. Its service is considered impeccable all on its own, but the spa and world class restaurants paired with a good bar make it a wonderful place to stay in Shanghai when your idea of getting away from it all is putting as much distance between you and the ground as possible.

Burj Al Arab

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Burj Al Arab, United Arab Emirates
Most people have at least seen a picture of this building from the outside. This luxury hotel isn’t just beautiful on the inside. Its unique architectural design makes the hotel look like nothing short of a giant sail when viewed from the right angle. The hotel is even built on an artificial island to further the look when you can view it up close. This distinctive look isn’t what makes it luxurious even if it is what makes it visually interesting. Pillars decorated in gold make the interior more than a little luxurious too. As you’d expect, world class service is available inside that focuses on providing an aesthetically inviting and infinitely simple stay as a guest. The staff are there to meet the guests needs. One thing you won’t want to miss isn’t actually at the highest floors of the tower, but is actually at the bottom and a little away. A submerged restaurant, Al Mahara, offers world class modern British seafood to guests all while offering them a view of undersea life.


Four Seasons New York, United States
Located in the beating heart of the city that never sleeps, this hotel seems like a promise that you’ll never be far away from anything you might want during your stay. The Manhattan location means you have access to museums, parks, theaters, and just about anything you can do to take up a day. Admittedly, the hotel is quite luxurious for reasons beyond its placement too. Amenities are top notch with beautifully furnished and designed rooms ensuring guests have a true sense of where they’re staying. The Four Seasons goes further by encouraging its staff to ensure guests are properly taken care of at all times as well as maintaining truly wonderful fitness and spa options within the hotel. Much like the Burj Al Arab, this hotel also offers views of the surrounding city that you can indulge in readily. The overall goal of the hotel is to provide a comfortable, private, and properly luxurious place you can retreat to anytime you need to get out of the city proper.

The world’s tallest luxury hotels can indeed offer you a room with a view, but they can offer you so much more along with it. These hotels distinguish themselves for multiple reasons rather than just their height. That’s a good sign too. It shows that they’re committed to their purpose rather than simply being different. So consider booking a stay in one of these hotels while traveling. You might just find the available views to be particularly enchanting.

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