The World’s Most Luxurious Spa Destinations

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The World’s Most Luxurious Spa Destinations

There’s no denying that there is a distinct captivation associated with staying at the best and most luxurious places in the world. This alone tends to be relaxing in its own right, but there is plenty more that can be done. You can spend a bit of time in the spa to make it all the better. Sometimes this means staying at a luxury hotel with a particularly good spa, but other times you want something more and try to go to a spa resort. The whole goal of making a spa central to your trip is ensuring that you finally get some time to relax and feel pampered. Most of us spend so much time running around trying to get things done that we simply don’t have the time for it. Making a vacation out of it is the sure way to ensure that you will get the pampering that you deserve and finally get away from it all. We’ve got a few destinations you might want to consider when looking for the perfect place to go for a spa.

Burj Al Arab, United Arab Emirates
This hotel, located in Dubai, has a number of interesting distinctions to its name. Among these are the fact it is one of the tallest luxury hotels in the world, but how it looks is even more dazzling. Its architectural design leaves the hotel looking like nothing short of a giant sail off the coast capturing the eye of people for miles around. Its spa complements these interesting facts quite well. Burj Al Arab’s spa takes advantage of the hotel’s height and location to offer guests stunning views all while they receive the best treatments available. You can get almost any treatment you can think of while in the spa and enjoy the beauty of the area at the same time. The spa makes copious use of natural lighting to ensure a healthy and beautiful atmosphere while still making sure to maintain the privacy of its guests through various means. You can exercise, get a massage, and relax in a steam room all without ever leaving the hotel.

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One&Only Reethi Rah, Maldives
If you’re looking for somewhere a little more tropical and a little less vertical, this resort can give you exactly what you want. Its world-class facilities offer its guests the best stay they could possibly want in a beautiful, tropical paradise. This image alone makes it hard to figure out how they could improve upon it, but they did with their spa. The spa is, in many way, at the heart of the resort and manages to be available yet remote at the same time. Design of the grounds helps to isolate the spa area from the rest of the resort with tasteful yet elegant gardens meant to provide a relaxing environment for those both in and out of the spa. The spa itself is a modern beauty meant to combine the best of older cultural techniques combined with a modern understanding of therapeutic work. You end up being in a position where you’re left with the option of all the treatments you could want in a relaxing location. What makes it even better is some of the treatment areas are entire private buildings so that you can enjoy the peace, quiet, and luxury all at once.

Amangiri, United States
Most of the time we associate the idea of a luxury resort with the tropics. After all, how are you supposed to enjoy yourself without a beach? Amangiri flies in the face of this idea and embraces the desert landscape of Utah to provide an experience that is hard to match anywhere else. The resort finds its how in the desert landscape and simply sits with the power of the landscape and emphasizes it so that guests can appreciate the untamed beauty of the landscape. Their spa remains wonderful despite the sometimes harsh desert landscape. What makes it particularly unique is its emphasis on using therapeutic ideas derived from interpretations of Navajo traditions. The end result is a place of health and wellness that is at once ultra modern and yet apart from time at the same time. Spa attendants do their best to ensure you have access to various treatments when you desire them all while helping guests strive for a more holistic wellness.

Finding a good spa destination isn’t that hard. That isn’t the case when you go looking for some of the best and most luxurious in the world. You have to decide what defines the luxury for you to make the most of your pick though. Is it the combination of practices from around the world? Or perhaps state of the art facilities? Does the view matter? In all the spas we’ve talked about here, you won’t have to decide. There are plenty of other spas out there that may be just what you’re looking for if none of these are appealing. All it takes is a little searching.

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