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Theme And Adventure Parks For The Young At Heart

If we’re all honest, there’s at least a part of us that is still a kid inside. Staying young at heart is difficult in a world where everyone tends to police behavior with “act your age” once you’re expected to be of a certain level of maturity. The phrase itself is a slice of nonsense without any true meaning though. Yes, we physically grow older every day, but why does that necessarily mean we have to change the things that make us happy? It really shouldn’t and we should actively continue to nurture the things that fill us with happiness and passion. We aren’t ourselves without those. That’s why you might want to consider visiting a theme or adventure park again even if you haven’t done it in ages. The food, rides, and atmosphere of some of them can be just the thing you might need to help feel more yourself if you’ve been under a lot of strain. With that in mind, we’ve got a few suggestions on places to consider that might just be fun or that could help reignite one of those joys we all get taught to suppress.

Disney World
There’s something appealing about being able to cover one trip with another. It lets you live out those childhood fantasies of sneaking your way past the bad guys to save the day. There’s nothing to actually hide if you just tell people that you’re visiting Epcot, of course, but the fact is the Orlando theme park is part the larger Disney World Resort. It has a lot of direct benefits for anyone looking to maintain their cover as an adult even if you choose to enjoy the less mature sides of the resort. Spending your time around Epcot will let you experience various cultural exhibits with a focus on cuisine and retail therapy. Neither of these feels particularly young at heart, but that’s why the rest of the park exists no matter who is treating themselves. You can easily wander around and see attractions based on recent films or classic favorites. Admittedly, the rides might not be as amusing as the staff wandering around as a showcase of characters. In many ways, this park is ideal for Disney fans of all ages and especially the young at heart. Just make sure you prepare for the Florida heat before you ever arrive in Orlando.

Friends on a roller coaster

Six Flags Magic Mountain
As one of the more recognizable names in theme parks, Six Flags has to do something to keep itself standing out among the crowd. Magic Mountain’s way of doing this is to offer among the most roller coasters in a single park by comparison to its peers. These rides offer a nice way to revisit a headier time when we all felt a little braver and up to the challenge of a good roller coaster. Such attractions are sure to leave you feeling a little breathless and yet reinvigorated despite it all. You can wander around and see plenty of other rides as well that help fill out the rest of the space of this theme park. Additionally, you can expect a fair share of standard park entertainment to help keep you alert and enjoying yourself even when you’re not spending time on a ride. All Magic Mountain asks is that its guests be prepared to make the most of its ample thrills. Admittedly, you’ll need to make your way to Valencia, California to enjoy this park.

Most of the time we hear the name “Hershey” we instantly think of having a good chocolate bar. Those are too often another thing we end up sacrificing in the name of acting our age. Hersheypark gives you the opportunity to both enjoy a chocolate bar on the sly while also making the most of the trip and enjoying a good theme park. The Hershey company originally built it as a means to entertain its workers, but it very much a public attraction these days with a wide selection of rides. There are roller coasters as well as other ride options that are able to give most people something to do all day. Access to a few other broad attractions is available in the park as well including a water park section as well as a zoo. It all depends on how you want to spend your time. The best part is the fact that the park is in Hershey, Pennsylvania means it is right by the source for a lot of sweet treats to make the visit even better.

Theme parks are a great way to revisit an earlier state of mind when you make the time for one. Admittedly, it does mean learning to defy the expectations people might have of you for at least a little while. We do recommend, for those looking for something a bit more physically demanding, to look for local adventure parks that offer a more active form of entertainment. The downside is that dedicated adventure parks tend to be slightly smaller scale than theme parks or incorporated into them as a form of attraction. Regardless, all you need is to figure out what speaks to you and dedicate yourself to taking that break so you can enjoy yourself.

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