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Top Art Blogs to Follow

Trying to find beautiful art is often part of traveling the world. The world famous art galleries do their best to collect all the pieces most people agree that everyone must see into easily found locations. It helps simplify finding the art, but in many ways, it fails to give a full scope of the art world itself. Art is vibrant and alive. It grows, changes, and reacts to other artists constantly. A sterile gallery doesn’t help you keep your finger on the pulse of the art world. Fortunately, artistically minded fans can keep an eye on what’s going on the world of art relatively easily. The modern era has given us all blogs that cover countless subjects including art. We’ve picked some of the better art blogs on the web to give you a way to keep an eye on what’s going on in the art world.

Street art is an often overlooked part of the art world. StreetArtNews does its best to attempt to correct this problem. It helps to bring focus to brilliant street artists around the world to try and break the stereotypes surrounding street art. With the works of artists like Banksy and Eduardo Kobra helping to make a name for street artists, it seems likely that street art will continue to make itself more legitimate with time. The main problem is that it is difficult to move street art into a gallery given the usual route taken for its production. It is rather hard to lift out a chunk of sidewalk or bring the side of a building into an art gallery. StreetArtNews routinely reports on the work of street artists and provides pictures of the current new pieces out there in the world. It pays to keep an eye on the blog as you never know when a vibrant piece of art may pop up in a city near you.

My Modern Met
This blog takes a slightly different approach to art than the last one. It highlights all forms of art as they strike those in charge of the site. Many of the things that draw their attention are the ways in which art impacts the lives of people around the world. It offers a deeper glimpse into what art can mean beyond simply adding beauty to a space. That said the blog also does its best to mix in interviews with contemporary artists about their work and what drives them as individuals. This human side provides deeper insight into the works of art the blog routinely showcases. Art enthusiasts looking to keep a clear picture of the current state of the art world could do far worse than adding My Modern Met to the list of blogs they check routinely.

True to its name, Colossal takes a large step back and tries to view the art world as a whole. It’s separate categories provide a way for you to review recent art in various fields of creativity. Colossal is at its best in providing this pulled out view of the art world though. This helps it cater to various artistic sensibilities instead of being bound to a single vision of what counts as art. You’re as likely to see traditional artwork as you are to see found artwork on the blog. This helps ensure readers can broaden their artistic tastes in addition to potentially seeing new artists in the fields they most enjoy. One thing is always for certain whenever you start loading Colossal in your browser: there’s sure to a be a riot of color and creativity in your browser soon enough.

Art’s living and ever-evolving nature has always been difficult to capture in a gallery. We think of all the old masters and their revered paintings and sculptures carefully located away in art museums or with private collectors. By the time any of those works finished leaving the hands of their creators, the artists were already making more art based on the lessons they learned from the last one. Art never stood still. And you can experience the constant flux of art as long as you remember to look where it is happening.

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