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Travel Sized Beauty Products for Your Office Drawer

How you present yourself at work in an office environment is not only a reflection of who you are as a person but also on the company and the job you do. It’s imperative that you look the part, however, you also don’t want to have to carry around an entire beauty counter along with you. This is where travel-sized beauty items come in. They’re less expensive and take up less space than their full-size counterparts yet do the same high-quality job. So what are some travel-sized beauty products that are a must for your office drawer?

Few things are worse – especially on a hot day – then realizing you forgot to put on deodorant. It happens to the best of us, but keep a travel-sized version in your office drawer and you’ll be able to stay cool under pressure all throughout your work day.

Roller Ball
Fragrances have a way of making us feel more powerful, beautiful, confident, and on top of our game. A roller ball size of your favorite scent can allow you to quickly apply the fragrance whenever you desire right at your pulse points.

Hair Brush
There’s only so much you can do with your hands when you’re trying to fix your hair at work. A travel-sized brush, one that folds to half its size, is a great beauty item to keep in your office drawer so your hair can look its best.

Woman applying nail polish

Nail Polish
One of the things many tend to notice about others is the state of their hands, especially their nails, which is why it’s essential that your nail polish never looks chipped. But what happens if your polish chips in the middle of the work day? Sure you can keep a full-sized nail polish in your office drawer, but that would require you to either buy two of every color you wear or carry one bottle back and forth. An option is to buy a mini travel-sized empty nail polish bottle so you can simply put a little in it of the shade you’re wearing and do touch-ups when the need arises.

Bobby Pins, Hair Elastic Tie, and a Hair Donut
In the cases where a hair brush just isn’t going to cut it, bobby pins, an elastic hair tie, and a hair donut can be lifesavers for creating a simple yet beautiful bun. They are especially useful if you didn’t have time to do your hair in the morning or you didn’t realize until you got to work that your hair is looking a little oily. This lovely hairstyle will ensure that your hair looks sleek and polished.

You already know that a tube of concealer is useful for covering up pesky dark circles and blemishes, but it has a variety of other uses as well including fixing smudged eyeliner, keeping eye shadow in place, making your lips look plumper, and keeping your lipstick from smudging all over your face. A little concealer can go a long way.

Moisturizing is everything. Seriously, your skin will thank you. Keeping a travel-sized moisturizer in your office drawer will ensure that you’ll never go a day without it even if you forgot to apply it in the morning. If it’s especially cold, hot, or windy out, you can put it on your hands, arms, and face (if you didn’t already apply face makeup) once you come in from the outdoors.

Depending on what store you go to or site you’re shopping on, you can either find the travel-sized beauty products grouped together or right next to their full-sized counterparts. Don’t forget to buy a small makeup case so all the items are safe and organized in your office drawer.

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