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Trends in Luxury Sportswear

As a constantly evolving industry, it can end up feeling a bit intimidating to try to keep up with trends. They shift each season and the sheer variety of things frequently makes it hard for anyone who isn’t a dedicated fashion guru to pin down what exactly is popular. There is another issue, though. Most of the time all these fashion trends are stuck in the highly stylish end and don’t pay as much attention to functional options for people with busy lives. Yes, we all want to look our best during big events, but at the same time we also want to look good at all other times and have the freedom and flexibility to do so with less fuss. It used to be rather hard to achieve this combination of form and function, but recent trends in luxury sportswear are actually shifting this. The rise of athleisure as a trend is actually changing the entire industry and bringing a new versatility to things.

Wait, What’s Athleisure?
We tend to divide clothes into broad categories. There is typically a fairly distinct difference between casual and formal clothing. These get further subdivided depending on the times when the clothing is considered appropriate. Leisure clothing broadly describes any clothing we can casually wear in a variety of situations that allows us to relax. By contrast, athletic wear tends to be clothing specifically designed to cater to anyone living a particularly active lifestyle whether they’re an athlete or not. Athleisure combines the two and has been a noticeable trend for a few years now, but it now getting so pronounced that everyone is taking notice. It combines the fabrics and forms necessary for good athletic wear with casual yet stylish looks that allow you to wear it in most aspects of your life while seamlessly transitioning between work and play. The popularity of yoga pants in fashion is directly tied to the rise of athleisure and, mercifully, isn’t going anywhere.

Taking Notice
As we highlighted, the athleisure market was largely held by a few key companies as it was developing its overall force. They tended to specialize in yoga clothing in particular to accommodate the growing popularity of health trends. It wasn’t originally intended to be a full lifestyle kind of clothing, but fashion gurus began to see the potential and incorporate them into outfits until it became clear there was a call for this kind of clothing. Companies have been quick to respond and this has made it relatively easy to lay hands on this kind of clothing. The problem is that everyone actually has them. It has lead to a problem wherein, while easy to acquire, the overall quality of the clothing appears to be dropping simply because people demand so much of it. The result has drawn a lot of commentary and in hopes of taking advantage of the trends and to offer high-quality options the fashion houses are beginning to offer their own takes on athleisure clothing.

Luxury Sportswear
High Fashion, High Function
Fashion houses are in a somewhat unique situation at the moment as they’re typically the ones setting the trends rather than playing catch-up. This isn’t stopping many of the major brands from beginning to reach out to incorporate their unique aesthetic senses into everything from stylish yet functional athletic tops to, yes, the ubiquitous yoga pants. The goal is to bring fashion back to the athleisure trend and allow those of who care about looking our best to enjoy the trend without sacrificing our favorite looks. Interestingly enough, it appears this trend may end up reshaping fashion as a whole to a degree as active lifestyle continue to become more popular. This should make following the upcoming spring and summer trends particularly interesting as even the fashion houses seek to find a way to allow everyone to manage their busy and active lives without needing to pause for a wardrobe change.

Athleisure is a product of a changing culture. We’re becoming more aware of the need for healthy lifestyles, but the difficulty of juggling busy schedules while still looking presentable is a real issue. Regardless of what you think of the trend, it is opening up a way for many people to actually indulge in their desires for good fashion combined with a good lifestyle without needing to be a little bit late everywhere they go. It certainly does help that the fashion houses are getting involved now though as you can be absolutely certain you’ll look stylish the next time you’re exercising.

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