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Unbelievable Skin Secrets of the Famous – OROGOLD Reviews

Celebrities are known for their indulgent beauty routines, and who can really blame them when they spend so much time in front of the camera, being looked at and judged by millions. However, although some of their skin secrets may be ideal for us to borrow, there are also some that seem just downright bizarre. OROGOLD reviews the unbelievable skin secrets of the famous.

Bee Venom Facials
Bee venom facials have become all the rage with many celebrities, including Kate Middleton, Victoria Beckham and Kylie Minogue. The venom is extracted from a bee hive, with a small electrical charge that doesn’t harm the bees, but makes them feel threatened, resulting in them releasing the venom. When used on the face, the venom tricks the body into thinking that it has been stung, which increases blood flow to the face and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. Looked at as being a natural form of botox, bee venom facials work their magic over the course of a few days, and leaves the skin fresh, smooth and youthful.

Woman applying a homemade scrub.

Homemade Scrubs
For a complexion that is as flawless at Cate Blanchett’s, take a look at her go-to skin care secret. Rather than using store-bought products in the shower, Blanchett swears by the use of macadamia oil and olive oil, mixing them into a homemade scrub. To do this at home, mix the oil with some grapefruit juice and sea salt, adjusting the amount of salt depending on how abrasive you want the scrub to be. If you have sensitive skin, OROGOLD recommends swapping out the salt for sugar, as this is a gentler exfoliator. Remember to spot test the scrub on a small part of your skin first, to ensure that it doesn’t cause any irritation.

Baby Sunblock
Rather than using an adult sunblock to protect her skin, Latin singer Shakira only uses baby sunblock, but does this give your skin the protection that it needs? OROGOLD has looked into the differences between the sunblocks, and has discovered that they both provide the same level of protection. Sunblocks for babies avoid the use of certain chemicals, meaning that they feel more like a lotion, leaving a slightly whitish cast after application, but because they are more gentle on the skin, they are actually a much better option for those with easily irritable skin.

Tape to Remove Eye Makeup
By now, we all understand the importance of removing our makeup at the end of each day, but, depending on the products that you have used, this can often take some time. Lady Gaga, who applies glitter to her eyes, swears by the use of tape to remove the glitter. If you want to try this, OROGOLD recommends using fabric tape, as this will be more gentle on the skin. However, if your skin is sensitive or prone to redness, we would suggest that you simply stick to a good, old-fashioned makeup remover.

Although some celebrity skin care secrets may seem slightly crazy, there are still ways that we can adapt them to make them work for us. From a homemade body scrub made from macadamia oil to using a gentle baby sunblock rather than an adult one, these unbelievable skin secrets of the famous could help you to achieve the glowing complexion that you have long sought after.

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