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Vacation Skin Recovery

Vacations are always a delightful way to unwind and get away from the world for a little while. We each make the most of our vacations in different ways. There are a few reasons for travel that tend to be relatively universal though. Better weather tends to be an attraction during less clement times of the year. Many of us even find the idea of a tropical getaway fun at any point in the year simply because of the beauty of these destinations and activities available there. Admittedly, some of us opt to try out less conventional travel locations too. Regardless of our choices, our skin will be subjected to the local conditions for however long our vacation lasts. Any vacation lasting a week or more is likely to mean that our skin is going to need a little help recovering from the event. What that recovery looks like will depend on where we went for vacation and if we made any skincare mistakes along the way. Keep that in mind as we look at some common strategies for vacation skin recovery.

Sunny Mistakes
The most common vacation mistake we make is simply forgetting to use sunscreen as often as we should. It is a simple enough mistake to make. Enjoying time on the beach can easily lead to accidentally forgetting to renew our sunscreen regularly enough to maintain proper protection. Skiing can be another big offender here as some people just don’t think to wear sunscreen when they’re going to be exposed to light reflected off the snow. Both of these situations can result in sunburn and general irritation of the skin if you’re not careful. Fortunately, these are easy enough to come back from as the method of caring for your skin is quite simple. Remember to apply aloe vera or a similar burn relief cream to any area that has a genuine sunburn to minimize discomfort. This will help hydrate and soothe the skin so that the irritation abates and your skin can properly heal itself. If you lack any actual burns, all you really need to do is remember to make the most of moisturizing your skin by applying your moisturizers after you’ve finished showering, but before you open the curtains or door to get out.

Oil in A Desert
Travel tends to change our skin’s current condition in potentially drastic ways. This mainly happens when we’re traveling to climates more extreme than our own. Both dry and oily skin end up becoming relatively common problems as a result of traveling.The first problem may even lead to the latter if you’re not careful. The love of sunny climates means an increased chance of sun exposure and the damage from that can lead to drier skin. Sometimes all it takes is contact with drier air found in inland vacations destinations. You’ll generally experience this problem the most in colder places due to the lack of moisture in the air compared to more tropical destinations, but it can happen anywhere depending on your skin. Dried out skin becomes sensitized and more prone to react to any damage. This isn’t good for anyone in the long term. It is even worse thanks to this potentially triggering your skin to secrete even more oil to make up for the problem. Moisturize regularly if you’ve got dry skin after your trip to try to get that problem back under control, and remember to use a mild cleanser to help control the oil.

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City Problems
Some of us prefer vacationing in the larger cities of the world. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy temporary easy access to countless services, museums, and restaurants during a vacation? That’s why so many people will end up vacationing in places like Los Angeles and New York. You may live away from the bigger cities, but that doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate them. Unfortunately going to any major city in the world means you’re risking pollution damage to your skin. This is especially true if you’re outside in the city for any length of time. Yes, you can minimize some issues by watching for pollution warnings, but there’s still a certain level of damage that you’ll experience. Damage from particulate matter tends to be the easiest to deal with as you only need to encourage your skin to heal itself properly. Consider getting a facial to help with it. Ground level ozone and other problems are a bit more complex as they end up introducing free radicals into your skin. Use products heavy in antioxidants to help counteract and get that issue back under control with time.

Helping your skin recover from vacation shouldn’t be a big deal as long as you did your best to take care of it during vacation. We all make mistakes and fixing them is easy if our skin is otherwise healthy. The issues above are some of the most common ones you can potentially experience from a vacation, but not the only possible issues. Keep an eye on your skin both during and after your vacation so that you are aware of any changes. This will help you stay ahead of any issues and keep your skin healthy.

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