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Lanai is only the sixth largest island in the Hawaiian islands and frequently gets overlooked. There honestly isn’t much going on there most of the time. It has one city, Lanai City, that acts as the only major settlement. There isn’t even all that much to Lanai City itself. Naturally, it has all the charm of the rest of Hawaii with beautiful beaches and the kind of food travelers love. This isn’t much though. However, you genuinely shouldn’t skip over visiting Lanai the next time you’re in Hawaii. Despite its small size, Lanai is full of a history all its own and unique landscape that provides travelers with a glimpse of something other than the tourist-filled Big Island and other popular destinations. Lanai may actually be one of your few chances to see what Hawaii looked like before it became the Hawaii we know now.

Off the Beaten Path
While Lanai isn’t truly a place apart, it is one of the least frequently visited islands in the chain. Its small size ensured that development wasn’t a large part of the island’s history. This, in turn, meant most people passed it over. You can enjoy the fact that it has been passed over by most others though. The lush, varied landscape of Lanai offers gorgeous natural vistas that are sure to appeal to more adventurous travelers fond of hiking. There are also businesses that rent all-terrain or 4-wheel drive vehicles to allow you to explore the various areas of the island with relative ease. You’ll want to do this if you have no intent on hiking because most of the island roads are entirely unpaved. Anyone can take advantage of this to make Lanai a unique Hawaiian experience, but you can also enjoy the beaches just as assuredly as you would anywhere else in Hawaii. You’ll likely have less competition for the perfect spot to rest too.

Local Tastes, International Sensibilities
While it is true that Lanai is comparatively overlooked, people do still come to Lanai regularly enough that it has its own tourist trade. You’ll be able to find plenty of accommodations of varying quality in Lanai City. These will let you enjoy your stay regardless of how you intend to enjoy your days on Lanai. The restaurants of the city also ensure that you have plenty of food to pick from when eating out. Lots of local dishes are available at venerable local institutions, but you can just as readily find more international restaurants for when you’re seeking to taste something other than the local fare one evening. Most of the restaurants are clustered towards the center of the city. This makes it relatively easy to find your want to a bite to eat at any time from any place. It also means you’re likely going to get to know your fellow travelers over a meal at some point or another.

Garden of the Gods

The History and The Legends
Due to its relatively untouched natural beauty, you can still see a lot of what helped to define Lanai to its residents before the modern world ever arrived. They remain preserved for all to see and that means something given how varied the island’s landscape actually is. One location, known in English as “Garden of the Gods”, offers an otherworldly, desert-like environment to explore with rock spires and brilliantly hued formations. Surrounding it is the legend of a competition between priests to keep a fire burning for as long as possible. The Garden itself is supposedly the result of Lanai’s priest burning everything he could in the area to keep his fire burning. Similarly, the rock known in English as “Sweetheart Rock” has a legend of a heartbroken warrior leaping from it after the death of his wife. Still other locations are around the island like Shark’s Bay. All it takes is a willingness to explore and open your ears to the stories surrounding the nature.

Lanai is… different. It is Hawaii, but it is very much its own take on the tropical getaway. The relatively untouched nature of the islands seems to make its legends a little more real and the landscape a little more alive. Those looking for a taste of Hawaii different from the standard one may want to consider visiting Lanai. After all, there a lot to do despite the island’s size and you may just find a beautiful hideaway all your own.

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