What is a Lower Facelift?

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What is a Lower Facelift?

Cosmetic surgery takes a wide variety of forms to accommodate the various potential difficulties that people face. Abdominoplasty procedures exist to refine the midsection while cosmetic fillers exist to provide subtle refinement to particular features. A total facelift is a dramatic way to refine one’s appearance as one ages or after particularly difficult periods of life. This encompasses the entire face, but sectional facelifts like a lower facelift also exist. You are likely entirely aware of the standard form, but a lower facelift is one of the less commonly discussed procedures available. In truth, it may be just the one that anyone looking to look a little more youthful might want to consider as it tries to repair the damage that time does to the face.

A Word Of Warning
People often think of cosmetic surgery as a dramatic “before” and “after” photo collage that is displayed on television or in photo albums. This isn’t actually true. All cosmetic surgery involves care before and after the surgery to get the best results. Remember that surgery necessarily entails incisions in the areas being worked on. This means the potential for scarring is always present. Most cosmetic surgeons train to minimize scarring and make it mostly invisible, but this does not mean it is foolproof. Anyone considering cosmetic surgery should remember this. Appropriate care after surgery is one of the bigger predictors to clean healing. Be sure you are able to make the commitment of time and care before committing to cosmetic surgery.

What Does A Lower Facelift Provide?
Age leads to particular signs of aging. Sagging is one of the most prominent signs. Skin and muscles cease to adhere as thoroughly to the structure of the face. The sagging causes your features to drag and droop in an unattractive way for many people. On top of this, the loss of collagen and fat deposits can “hollow” one’s appearance as time passes and leave various features looking less full. This sense of thinness and drooping leads to an increased apparent age even though particular lifestyle choices can lead to similar results. Lower facelifts are all about fixing these issues. Those considering a lower facelift can expect a return to a more youthful appearance this way. The procedure focuses on refining the cheeks and below. Additionally, most surgeons tend to try to fill in any “hollow” areas to complete the more firm and youthful appearance.

How One is Performed
Incision are made in the area being worked upon. These are generally only as large as absolutely necessary as the surgeon will be separating skin and muscle to achieve the desired results. Muscles within the face are carefully manipulated to make them sit higher in the face as they did earlier in a person’s life. Many times this is also the time during which the facial fat will be distributed carefully to provide a natural look. Once these steps are achieved, the surgeon does their best to reseat the skin so that it heals neatly alongside the muscle for a clean, youthful appearance after the healing is finished. The surgeon will then carefully close up the incisions as finely as possible to ensure minimal scarring. Appropriate treatment should ensure that any scarring is so light as to be nearly invisible or easily disguised with standard makeup techniques.

A lower facelift can easily restore someone to a more youthful look when done properly. As with all cosmetic surgery, you should be clearly aware of expectations before and after the surgery. Care is always important in recovery and your appearance depends on your willingness to properly care for your skin. A lower facelift might not be all that you desire and it can be paired with other procedures in some cases. Discuss possibilities and your desired results with a cosmetic specialist to ensure you find the procedure appropriate to your desires.

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