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Where to Get the Best Sweet Treats on the East Coast

Finding a good meal is a difficult thing when you’re traveling, but even worse is finding just the right thing to satisfy your sweet tooth. The problem is less that somewhere with good dining lacks a good dessert and more that everyone has particular sweets that make them happy. An endless number of sweet shops certainly exist. You can find them without difficulty in most cities. The problem is then that you don’t know if they’re actually any good. Try not to worry so much about your sweet tooth the next time you’re traveling as OROGOLD has picked out a few of the places with the best reputations on the East Coast. Something is bound to catch your eye or seem just the thing to satisfy your cravings when in their area.

Ample Hills Creamery (Brooklyn, New York)
Most people have gotten used to chain ice cream places when they want their ice cream fix. They reliably come in all the flavors you know and almost in the exact place you expect every time. The Ample Hills Creamery is a step back into the way things used to be though. This ice cream place makes its ice cream on site regularly in a dizzying variety of flavors. The entire goal being to provide high-quality ice cream without sacrificing the versatility people have come to expect when they want ice cream. This creamery in particular not only tries to create wonderful ice cream, but emphasizes its owner’s goals of trying to create a convivial neighborhood atmosphere for people to enjoy their sweet treat in.

Ye Olde Pepper Candy Companie (Salem, Massachusetts)
If you’re looking for somewhere with a true legacy, this candy store proclaims itself to be the oldest candy store in America. The Ye Olde Pepper Candy Companie has been in operation since 1806 and family-owned and operated for four generations. Originally, the store mostly did trade in a scant few kinds of hard candies, but this expanded over time into other candies as well. The shop currently produces everything from chocolates and fudges to taffy and random limited time specialty candies to suit various tastes. OROGOLD encourages you to ask after the Salem Gibralters that helped make and maintain the company over the years. They not only still make these candies, but they continue to make them by hand according to the original recipe.

Norman Love Confections (Fort Myers, Florida)
Sometimes the best way to satisfy a craving is to go to people who specialize in making whatever it is you need. Norman Love Confections is a specialty shop that focuses on high quality, artisanal chocolates. There are some traditional chocolates available, of course, but they’ve made their name by a willingness to experiment with tastes and textures to create unique chocolates sure to tempt even those with the greatest willpower. There are technically multiple locations for this shop available in Florida with another one being in Naples and another in Estero. The extra benefit to visiting the one in Naples though is that they have a neighboring Norman Love gelateria if you’re looking for gelato to get you through a warm Florida day in addition to some good chocolate.

You know all the best places to get sweet treats locally, but hopefully this has given you a bit of local knowledge for other places. Some of these places are a little less known than others and deserve more attention. OROGOLD hopes you’ll find a way to satisfy your sweet tooth when traveling if none of these places are satisfactory, though. After all, what’s a meal without a proper dessert?

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