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10 Quick Fixes to Look Younger

While Botox or surgery may sometimes seem to be the most effective ways to look younger, there are actually many things that you can do that don’t include knives, huge bills or a recovery time. Here are OROGOLD’s ten quick fixes to look younger.

Have Your Eyebrows Shaped
Brows that have been professionally shaped can often work even better than Botox at giving your face a lift. Beautifully manicured eyebrows frame your face, lifting the area around your eyes. Although this may only be visually rather than physically, the effects are the same when it comes to your appearance!

Use a Primer
A primer is a great tool for those who have fine lines, as it is able to fill these in. This means that it will smoothen out your complexion, ensuring that any foundation that you apply afterwards will last longer.

Banish Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes
Puffy eyes and dark circles can look extremely aging, but trying out a whole array of products can be quite costly. Luckily, there are many home remedies that you can experiment with, making use of common kitchen ingredients. Rose water, cucumber, almond oil, lemon juice, turmeric, and tomatoes can all be used to brighten up the area under and around your eyes.

Brighten Up Your Smile
Your teeth can easily show your true age, or even make you look much older than you really are. A professional will be able to whiten your teeth, using technology that will make it last for a couple of years. If you aren’t in a rush to see results, you can opt for a teeth whitening toothpaste, which will do the job over a longer period of time.

Banish Any Shadows
Shadows under the eyes that age you are extremely common, but there are many other points on your face that could do without the extra shadow. A light reflecting concealer will help to brighten up your eyes, and can also be used around your nostrils, in the crease of your chin, and on your nose-to-mouth lines.

Woman with a fringe hairstyle.

Change Up Your Hairstyle
A new, flattering hairstyle can instantly make your hair look younger. A fringe is usually a great idea as it hides any wrinkles and pigmentation on the forehead, while making your hair look fuller and thicker. Your skin also pigment as you age, so your hair shade should change in order to better complement this. Generally, OROGOLD recommends that brunettes lighten their base color by one shade, while blondes should darken it by a shade.

Work on Your Posture
Walking straight and tall will make you not only look younger, but also feel younger. Make sure you keep your shoulders back and down, with your tummy tucked in. If you need some extra help, OROGOLD suggests trying out a pilates class, which will help to strengthen your core muscles.

A New Bra
The loss of tissue and fat as you age can make breasts lose their perkiness. A new bra can help to give you a lift, and it will also help you with your posture. OROGOLD recommends getting fitted for a new bra every year, and buying one every 6 months, as they lose their shape over time.

Lighten Up Your Pout
Lips thin as you age, and dark lipsticks only emphasize this. Opt for lighter shades, and overlay this with a plumping lip gloss to give your lips some extra volume.

Skip the Heavy Eye Makeup
Heavy eye makeup can look hard and be quite aging, so go for paler, more neutral eyeshadows instead. OROGOLD also recommends that you line your entire eye, keeping the lower line slightly lighter. This will give your eyes some subtle definition and make them the focal point of your face.

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