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2017 Summer Beach Reads

Finding the right thing to read can make time pass that much faster wherever you are while still letting it pass in an enjoyable fashion. There’s no denying that certain places seem a little more suitable than others for reading though. A comfy nook at home, a quiet room in a library, and sometimes the beach can all be actively enjoyable places that are good for taking a break from the world. Many of us end up looking for something to read while spending¬†time on the beach during the summer. These summer beach reads might or might not have much substance to them depending on our particular tastes. They all share the fact that they’re there to helps us deal with time on the beach that we might otherwise spend doing nothing enjoyable. Every year there are countless books released and that can make it hard to pick some out for ourselves. We’ve got a few quick suggestions that should satisfy the beach reader in all of us while still giving options to select something based on personal taste.

All The Lives I Want by Alana Massey
Most of us have had those discussions with friends where we compare ourselves to particular celebrities or comment on how one of them has inspired us. That’s nothing new and has been happening since the dawn of humanity. We’ve always picked out people we perceive as special while seeking to be like them. Massey’s book is, in many ways, an eloquent expression of this idea and what it means in all of our lives. She takes the interaction of pop culture and takes a closer look at how it impacts all of our identities in our day-to-day lives while covering a variety of topics. This approach offers a way for everyone to take a deep look into themselves while still maintaining conversational and engaging, unlike works with a similar aim. The essays in this book are likely to delight anyone who enjoys following celebrity news and looking to have a better picture of how their inner world is, was, and shall likely continue to be shaped partly by society.

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Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman
Mythology often enjoys the uncomfortable place in our lives where it is something many of us would like to know more about, but that it all seems so dry and dull. There’s no helping the fact that academics have largely been the ones to preserve the stories of older cultures. That has had a distinct impact on how appealing even a quick glance into myth to most of us. Gaiman has sought to solve this issue by approaching it with the mind of a writer. He has taken the basic structures and themes of Norse mythology and rewritten them into more modern tellings that strive to tell the same story while being more engaging to the modern reader. The end result is a sometimes tongue-in-cheek commentary on Norse mythology itself, modern events, and a better idea of how one set of mythology saw the world existing. Above all else, the result is quite readable and pleasant break for any of us who are more studious and wish to learn a little, but not so much that it takes us away from the beach.

The Girl Who Knew Too Much by Amanda Quick
No summer beach read list would quite feel complete without a mystery. This one uses the historic backdrop of the infamy of 1930s Hollywood to help create a story that has all the dark dealings anyone could want with a bit of glitz and glamour. Quick’s book focus on a young reporter drawn into the conspiracy surrounding the death of an actress. The death comes at a suspiciously convenient time just before the reporter was to have had an interview with her. As the reporter digs deeper, the various people surrounding the death begin to close in around her leaving her to find her own allies in her quest for the truth. Mystery stories have a way of capturing our imagination and this one is no different. As far as beach readers go, you’re likely to get more out of this book if you’re looking for a quicker read with a narrative that pulls you along. It might not last you more than a few days on the beach, but the time spent should hopefully be enjoyable.

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Summer beach reads are typically noted for being relatively light affairs. This is largely because so many people like to dismiss books as simpler and somehow lesser for being read on the beach. Anyone doing this has never really grasped the wide range of topics that beach reads can cover. We’ve suggested a few current books that should prove entertaining, but don’t forget that any book you love and bring to the beach will become a beach read. Read what you want and revel in it.

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