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The OROGOLD 24K Nano Collection

The 24K Nano Collection from OROGOLD Cosmetics has been formulated with advanced formulas using our signature ingredient, gold, to boost the appearance of your skin and refresh the way it feels with a high dose of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. The collection has been infused with visible and invisible flakes of gold and it helps you to recreate the ultimate spa-like experience at home. The Nano Collection is an ideal way to leave your skin looking tighter and younger and improve the appearance of aging. To make the collection even more effective in beautifying the way your skin looks, OROGOLD Cosmetics just added the 24K Cleopatra Nano Regimen (containing total of three products). The OROGOLD Nano Collection now contains seven unique products.

24K Nano Hydra-Silk Mask

The 24K Nano Hydra-Silk Mask is a one-of-a-kind product that offers hydrating and refreshing benefits to your skin. This highly advanced formulation contains a variety of exciting skin ingredients such as sodium Hyaluronate, Vitamin E, gold and acai berry extract to leave your skin looking radiant and feeling silky smooth. Use the product once or twice every week and enjoy the soothing sensations that this exciting mask from OROGOLD Cosmetics has to offer.

24K Nano Day Recovery

The 24K Nano Day Recovery offers a gel-like consistency to enhance the way your complexion looks and help diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. This lightweight product has been designed to give a dull and tired looking skin a new rejuvenated look. It contains ingredients like vitamins A and E, caffeine, sodium hyaluronate and gold and renews the appearance of your skin tone. Add the product to your daily skin care routine and apply over freshly cleansed face and neck area.

24K Nano Night Recovery  

The 24K Nano Night Recovery is a highly concentrated elixir that spreads over your skin and pampers it while you sleep peacefully. The product allows you to rest at peace, comfortable in the knowledge that you shall always wake up to beautiful and refreshed looking skin. This product needs to be applied to freshly cleansed skin at night time.

24K Nano Ultra Silk Serum

The 24K Nano Ultra Silk Serum is one of the most potent products that OROGOLD Cosmetics has to offer. It has been designed to improve the appearance of your expression lines and wrinkles. This waterless serum lets your skin to regain a moisturized look and lessen the appearance of day-to-day damage. The 24K Nano Ultra Silk Serum needs to be used on cleansed skin morning or evening.

24K Cleopatra Nano Regimen 

The 24K Cleopatra Nano Regimen is the latest addition to the OROGOLD family. This exciting regimen contains three products – the 24K Cleopatra Nano Serum, 24K Cleopatra Nano Silk Cream, and the 24K Cleopatra Gold Sheets. All three products complement each other and let you create one of the most exciting spa facials at home. Add the 24K Cleopatra Nano Regimen to your weekly skin care routine and enjoy Cleopatra-like beauty in no time at all.

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