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7 Places To Add To Your Travel List

Each year, certain destinations become travel hot spots, either due to the fact that they have only recently been discovered by the mainstream public, or because of a transformation that they have undergone. From Santa Barbara to Lisbon, these are seven places that are definitely worth adding to your travel list for 2017.

The hilly, coastal capital of Portugal, Lisbon is packed with a mixture of old world charm and incredible natural beauty. From its spectacular beaches to its immersive museums to its ancient ruins, this is a city that is guaranteed to have something for everybody.

Santa Barbara
While Napa may be best known for Californian wine, the 220 wineries that you will find in Santa Barbara are renowned for their innovation and cutting edge wine production techniques. In addition to touring and tasting all that these wineries have to offer, there are plenty of other sites in Santa Barbara to explore, from the historic Santa Barbara Mission to the idyllic Santa Barbara Botanical Garden.


The capital city of North Carolina, Raleigh is the ideal destination for any avid foodies out there, especially since eight new restaurants have opened, or are going to soon be opening, this spring. From the mind-boggling Morgan Street Food Hall and Market, which measures an impressive 22,000 square feet, to Crawford & Son, whose chef has been nominated for a James Beard award, a visit to Raleigh will definitely please your taste buds.

Montreal is another destination perfectly suited for a foodie, as well as for those who love the outdoors. From cold-weather sports to specially curated culinary events, this is a city that anyone with an adventurous soul will love.

Tanah Lot, Bali

The Indonesian island of Bali has long since been associated with paradise, and, if you have not yet paid it a visit, make this year the year that you do so. Bali is known for its emphasis on health and well-being, so to really treat your mind, body and soul, book yourself in for a wellness getaway, which will no doubt leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

The high-altitude capital of Colombia, Bogota has had quite the rocky past, but it is finally able to begin shedding this, allowing people to see just how special this city is. A stroll through the cobblestoned city centre will reward you with views of historic colonial-era landmarks and buildings, while a visit to some of the city’s museums will teach you more about how it has developed over the years. Of course, Bogota’s restaurant industry is positively flourishing, so be sure to try some of the city’s culinary highlights.


The Hawaiian island of Oahu is undergoing quite the revival, making this the perfect time to pay it a visit. From the contemporary touches that are being added around the island to the huge push that Hawaii is making to bring local arts to the international community, the entire island has been filled with a buzz of excitement as of late.

Choosing a new destination to visit can be tough, so you need to first decide exactly what it is that you are seeking. If you are looking to taste your way around a city, Montreal or Raleigh would be perfect, while those who would prefer incredible natural beauty should check out Oahu or Bali.

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