A Shopper’s Guide To The Changi Airport

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A Shopper’s Guide To The Changi Airport

International travel is a luxury that can take you quite far in the space of a day. You can see all sorts of sights that you wouldn’t otherwise, but you’ll end up spending a fair bit of time in an airport too. Airports are one of those somewhat trying yet necessary components of air travel. People have gotten a lot better about ensuring that there is plenty to do in an airport to pass the time. You can eat, entertain yourself, and even spend some time shopping. Changi Airport in Singapore is no different in this regard. The duty-free shopping caters to many tastes to ensure that you have access to almost everything that your heart might desire. It makes for an excellent way to spend the time between one flight and another or a good place to shop when you’re looking to pass a day enjoyably. Let’s take a look at what all the airport has to offer, though.

High Fashion
Naturally, the fashions houses of the world have their own little outposts in the Changi Airport to ensure that everyone can look their best at any given time. Hugo Boss, Coach, and Michael Kors are only some of the names that you can expect to see while wandering the airport. Most of the locations do their best to ensure quality service with appropriate attentiveness to ensure that you can get in and out of the store with a purchase even if you have somewhere else to be. Fortunately, you should also be able to take your time and enjoy it as well. With the fashion houses having their places, you can pick up an entirely new outfit while you wait. Admittedly, you’ll likely want to stick to accessories if you intend to leave on another flight soon. That or invest in more luggage for your new look.

Changi Airport shopping
Travel is complex enough without needing to worry about your luggage overmuch. We all have to worry about our luggage eventually, though. This is particularly true if we’re shopping during a trip. You can leave some space in your luggage before you leave to have space to put new things in, yes, but that can leave you feeling like you’re without a particular piece of entertainment or outfit that you would otherwise have. Accidents can happen too that leave you in need of new luggage. Fortunately, there are plenty of quality retailers in the airport capable of helping you pick out a new set. These names range from high-quality regional brands to internationally recognizable names such as Samsonite. The flexibility offered by the location means you’ll surely be able to find luggage that not only works, but also speaks to you as well.

Singapore’s location puts it in a great spot to benefit when selling things like jewelry. The airport has a dizzying cross-section of shops dedicated to both international and regional shopping. An international traveler can get a lot out of this as it allows you to shop for jewelry from a culture even if your trip isn’t taking you in that particular direction. Jewelry from countries like India is easily come by even in the Changi airport. It makes the shopping properly international even though some international standards exist as well such as Swarovski and Tiffany. Don’t forget to look in Chomel and Risis though if you want to see beautiful pieces that you won’t see anywhere else though as they provide a solid regional showing alongside their peers. After all, what is the point of travel if you can’t see something new?

Changi Airport is necessarily busy given that Singapore is a trade hub. Almost everywhere in the world reaches back to it at one point or another. As a result, your flight is likely to stop there when you’re passing through the area. So why not make a good time of it? Air travel may be rather annoying when you need to wait for your flight, but all the shopping in Changi Airport is sure to help keep you distracted right up until you need to leave.

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