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A Trip to Mexican Wine Country

One of the more well-known secrets of Mexico is its wine country. Valle de Guadalupe only remains a secret largely because so little of the wine produced in the region makes it outside of the country. This doesn’t make it any less interesting a refined palate though. In some ways the comparative lack of spread of Mexican wines even makes them an adventure for a globe-trotter looking to sample everything a country has to offer. Given the lack of true international regard given to the Valle de Guadalupe, OROGOLD has decided to give you a brief look into some of what the region has to offer. A glimpse at the wineries and region may just give you an idea for your next destination or a novel place to get wine from for your next gathering.

Places to Stay
Part of the constantly growing nature of the region is that everyone is figuring out how to make the most of what becoming a wine region means. As OROGOLD highlighted, the vineyards often work with local restaurants in joint culinary ventures. An even better option for anyone looking to enjoy the spirit of the region itself is to book a night at one of the vineyards that provides accommodations for guests. Vineyards such as Adobe Guadalupe combine tastings, vineyard tours, and sometimes even massages to create a relaxing and enjoyable way to experience Mexico’s wine country. A popular offering among some vineyards is horseback riding tours around the vineyard. It offers a way to experience the wild yet settled nature of Valle de Guadalupe in a way that helps highlight the region’s spirit. It probably doesn’t hurt that you can enjoy a glass of wine shortly after your ride to deal with any lingering soreness from the ride. You can also try somewhere like Encuentro Guadalupe. This resort also capitalizes on the somewhat wild nature of the region by offering a range of private dwellings and other accommodations from which you can enjoy the sense of wilderness and the night sky.

Mexico wine country

The Wine
Set in the Baja California region, the vineyards favor strains of grapes from warmer wine regions like those found in southern Europe. This only helped them figure out what would potentially grow well in the region though. Much of Valle de Guadalupe’s wine tradition is still in flux as the area tries to settle on what its reputation will be in the future. For now, it is more akin to a boomtown when it comes to tastes. Each vineyard experiments with different mixes of grapes or ways of preparation to find what bouquet best suits the image they hope to cultivate. It makes for an interesting combination when set alongside the region itself developing to support the wine industry and the tourism that it brings. The local vineyards furnish the wines while the farmers furnish the foods. As a result, you can end up having a meal in one of the fine restaurants of the area that was all grown locally paired with nothing short of the perfect local wine to accent the flavors. If you’re not sure on a wine, ask a local.

Places to Eat
We keep touching on the food in the region without going into any great details. This is partly because the region’s boomtown nature comes in again. The restaurants through the area draw on both traditional Mexican cuisine and international cuisine depending on their head chef’s sensibilities. Many of the restaurants make extensive use of local ingredients thanks to the area not being overdeveloped. This leads to restaurants like Laja and Corazon de Tierra to not only utilize “in house” gardens, but to maintain ties with local farmers for meats and less readily available ingredients in their own stock. The freshness of the ingredients combined with the local flair means the restaurants are true experiences without needing to create an artificial atmosphere. In some cases you may even find yourself merrily chatting with the chef as they explain what the menu is for the evening and why.

Valle de Guadalupe is a region searching for and in the process of finding itself. This gives it an entirely different feeling from somewhere like Napa Valley in the USA or Loire Valley in France. These regions have had decades or centuries to build themselves into what they are now. Their images and tastes are refined to a science. OROGOLD recommends taking a chance to taste wines with flair and wildness left in their spirit by visiting Valle de Guadalupe. There’s no telling when the vineyards might begin to settle into a tamer existence like their international counterparts. When they do, you’ll have missed the opportunity of a lifetime.

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