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Above First Class: Singapore Airlines

Flying isn’t always the most enjoyable experience. You have to go through various bits of security only to have to sit still in a confined space for hours. First class accommodations have gone a long way towards alleviating some of the issues associated with air travel, but airlines have had varying success on this. You can typically get more space and personalized treatment without too much trouble. The issue is that it doesn’t feel personal enough and you’re often dealing with others and can’t get the rest that you desire as easily thanks to others in the area. Singapore Airlines has opted to try and fix this by offering first class and… above first class service. This “Suites” class actually provides you with almost all the amenities that you could want from air travel and more comfort than you’ll likely know what to do with over the course of the flight.

True Privacy
Even in first class on most airlines you are very clearly sharing space with people in neighboring chairs or “pods”. This isn’t the case for Singapore Airlines. They take the name “Suites” quite seriously in providing accommodations. Passengers in this class will be treated to their own private compartment on the plane that they can easily shut the door on for their own private space. This gets even better when you consider that the suites are paired and if you don’t have a travel partner for the trip you’ll get an extra bonus when evening rolls around. The staff can actually lower the partition between the two suites and provide you with a double bed in that case. You get a luxurious and private place to rest all on your own when it is time to sleep. This is a truly rare combination of luxury in air travel.

Singapore Airlines First Class Cabin

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Luxurious Accommodations
The suites themselves were designed by professional designers with an eye towards luxury and comfort. Soothing colors allow you to rest easy within the suites without being constantly distracted by random shades. Additionally, the carefully crafted leather armchairs do a lot to make your state comfortable while you enjoy the meal you ordered while off the plane being brought to your for dinner. This is one of the big draws of the suites classes. They allow you to select dishes before and during your flight to be prepared before you leave or during a layover that are brought onboard specifically for you. This ensures not having to contend with the often comparatively limited menu of other first class airlines. It adds to the overall luxury and privacy of the suites class and offers you a level of personalization you’ll seldom find anywhere else in the air.

Luxury Both On and Off The Plane
Singapore Airlines takes treating suites class passengers seriously. They provide a unique experience before boarding and during layovers. This consists of escorting passengers to a truly private area wherein they can enjoy a luxury menu while waiting for their flight. These come with the perfect attention of the staff who are assured to know both who you are and any relevant details you chose to share with the airline even before you get there. Would you like to be greeted with your favorite drink? They can probably arrange that. Do you have a particular dish that you want? They’ll arrange for that. You are treated as someone other than just any passenger when flying in Singapore Airline’s suites class. Personalized, luxurious, and private pampering go a long way towards minimizing all the traditional discomforts of air travel.

First class is often considered the height of luxury in air travel, but this continues to change as airlines try to do just that much better. Singapore Airlines’ suites class takes this to a new level that can only be viewed as somewhere beyond traditional first class. You might not like flying typically, but their staff will do their best to ensure you experience as little discomfort as possible during your flight.

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