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Airlines that Provide the Ultimate Traveling Experience

Air travel is one of those necessary evils of getting anywhere we need to go in a reasonable amount of time. Airlines have done their best to try to make air travel a little less arduous for many of us, but at the same time there often seems to be only so much anyone can do to make a pressurized tube flying through the air at high speeds comfortable. Space is limited. Weight capacity is limited. All you can do is try to hope you get enough to actually feel comfortable long enough to get where you’re going. If we’re honest, sometimes the traditional first class experience just isn’t enough. That’s why some airlines are striving to step beyond the traditional definitions of first class. Some offer some of the finest services available for first class travelers while others actually invent entirely new classes above first class with service to match. Let’s take a quick look at some of the best ones available.

Most of the time that people think of luxury air travel, their thoughts begin to turn to this airline. There’s a very particular reason for it it too. Emirates actually seems to have been intent on setting the standard for luxury air travel. They offer their top tier travelers an entire cabin all to themselves. It helps to break to remove the sense of a lack of privacy that flights bring with them. Additionally, this offers a little space you can move around in easily. They don’t stop there though. The cabins come with a full bed, a minibar, and a shower. It makes for a truly luxurious affair that allows you to feel like you’re being catered to all the way through the flight. The in-flight service is necessarily top tier as well. Notably, the airline will also come to get you in a private car too for the complete luxury experience.

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Etihad Airways
Admittedly, when someone has a good idea there is inevitably the person who builds upon that idea and makes something even grander. This airline has done its best to do just that. Where our last luxury option offers you a mostly single room cabin to enjoy, Etihad Airways offers its highest tier travelers a three room suite on the plane. Their three room luxury accommodation known as “The Residence” does its best to ensure that you can enjoy almost everything you could possibly want on a long flight. The living room for the suite offers a sofa paired with a 32-inch flatscreen television to watch your chosen entertainment on. They airline will even provide you with noise canceling headphones for use with it. You’ll find the bedroom similarly equipped, but this time with a double bed instead of a sofa. Adding to the luxury is a full height shower and a decently equipped vanity to let you look your best when you land.

Singapore Airlines
While our other two selections focus on giving you privacy and space, some of us are fine with just getting proper privacy with a smaller amount of space. This airline caters to that crowd. Their top tier options include private cabins that isolate each seat from one another even if they remain relatively close. What makes this rather nice is that the dividing wall is actually collapsible. It makes traveling with your partner relatively easy. Each seat can become a bed for the person in the cabin while two seats can fold out into a double bed for when you’re traveling with your partner. This offers relative seclusion and isolation even if it takes up a little more space. The small cabin is the extent of your space though and aisles remain between the seats even with ample space to stretch. There’s no denying that there is a certain appeal to this style of traveling though if we want luxury, but don’t feel the need for too much space.

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What amounts to personal luxury depends greatly upon the individual. Luxurious air travel is often equated with overall space available as much as it is with the amount of privacy you can get. The good news is there are plenty of airlines who can provide you with varying levels of each. All of them will help ensure you have excellent in-flight service regardless of the amount of space your accommodations take up.

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