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Airport Spa Services

Spas are often free-standing companies that we find dotted around cities. These are sometimes sprawling complexes of rooms where countless services are available from professionals. We often spend full days there to relax and recuperate from modern life. This is perfectly understandable and quite easy to do for many of us. It is especially a treat when you get to try a new service that you haven’t otherwise gotten to try that opens you to new horizons of self-care. They are a commitment though. You’re not going there to get in and out quickly most of the time. This makes it particularly annoying when you’re doing something stressful, like traveling, and wish you could take a break from it all. Fortunately, airport spa services are becoming increasingly common and offer a way to do just that with focused services intended to get you what you need and on your way in a shorter amount of time than a traditional spa.

The Idea
Since not everyone can leave the airport without missing their flight, airport spa services provide that bit of healing and luxury some of us want while traveling. They tend to have storefronts within airport terminals just like any other service with a clearly marked name. The services available are quite often shorter than a traditional spa, but they also have very clear time listings on them to allow you to easily plan out your limited time there. It makes airport spas ideal for getting a boost while traveling and that extra bit of help to your appearance if you’ve been on the plane for longer than you’d like. Many such services focus heavily on massages to help travelers deal with the stress of travel, but you can find other treatments available alongside them that work with other aspects of spa care.

What To Expect
Depending on the service, you may be able to book an appointment ahead of schedule or will be expected to simply walk in and make your appointment. Better services necessarily allow you to make your appointment ahead of time. They will give you a clear idea of the services you can expect. As covered before, massages are the most common. Facials that are available are typically European with a relatively limited number of specialty selections. Hydrating facials and a basic facial massage with firming treatments are the most common as many luxury travelers have spent a lot of time on the plane by the time they reach an airport. Basic beauty services such as manicures, pedicures, and hair touch-ups are also available depending on the service. The additional beauty services aren’t always covered by time restraints though and as a result, you will need to use your best judgment to ensure they fight into your schedule.

Is It Worth It?
This depends on what you actually expect. Airport spa services have a high volume client base given travelers are in and out of the airport all day. They don’t have as much time to dedicate to each client and there is seldom a chance to become enough of a regular that particular professionals recognize you and your skin’s needs. This tends to make them less favored than typical spas. The fact is that they are what you can get though. There’s nothing quite like being able to go to a spa while waiting for your next flight when you’ve already been flying for five hours and feel less than your best from the airplane. These spa services are touch-ups in almost all cases. They give you a pick-me-up and should never be expected to be like a traditional spa service. It could be just what you need, but only you can decide that.

Airport spa services, whether provided by the airport or a company within the airport, are a potentially useful service for luxury travelers. It can keep you feeling ready for travel even if you’ve already been traveling most of the day. This doesn’t make them as good as traditional spa services, but why complain about an unexpected boon? Remember to treat them as a boost instead of a full service and you likely won’t feel disappointed by the services you can get.

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