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All About the Gold Facial

There has been a lot of talk about gold facials recently. It seems more of the skin care world has caught on to the ideas that OROGOLD already considered obvious. Spas and skin care professionals around the world are beginning to utilize gold leaf sheets and flakes in high quality facials. You probably already know the quality and luxury to expect from our products, but what can you expect from a gold facial? The truth is that this varies depending on who is providing the actual facial as skin care professionals typically create their own compounds for facials. What we can do is give you a general overview of ingredients that commonly get used in a gold facial though.

Collagen Boosters
A lot of the vital ingredients in gold facials are ingredients high in vitamins like A and E that help boost collagen production in the face. Many of the available options also help increase elastin production as well. This gives the facial anti-aging properties that help smooth fine lines and even out other wrinkles as well. Many of them benefit from being able to sit on the face and be absorbed slowly by the skin. This makes a proper facial one of the ideal ways to receive them as a result. Some facials directly use varieties of collagen prepared for skin care use directly in the formula. This typically using the binding aspect of the substance to facilitate greater harmony among all the ingredients, but it is also included as a hydrating ingredient sometimes.

True to its name, a gold facial always involves gold. The best ones uses 24 carat gold for the treatment. The purity helps ensures there are fewer negative topical reactions from any trace metals in the gold itself. Most of the times the facial uses the direct application of gold leaf over the main compound applied for the facial. This allows the gold to act as a decent seal against outside influences while the rest of the compounds sink into your skin. Gold doesn’t react to many things and as a result makes a great protective layer. Though OROGOLD already knew this as we already listened to Cleopatra’s distant advice. Gold leaf over a compound isn’t necessarily the best option for getting any potential benefits from gold though. Then any benefits have to deal with getting by both the compound on your skin and the skin’s natural barriers themselves. This is why OROGOLD directly mixes gold into our products.

We briefly touched on this by mentioning collagen’s place in the non-gold part of most gold facials. Most facials include at least a couple of forms of moisturizer. A popular one for using is hyaluronic acid thanks to its capacity to store a great deal of moisturize. It makes for a particular potent moisturizer when both on its own and when paired with appropriate ingredients. Moisturizers work with the collagen booster to increase the skin’s health and help it plump up. Our skin loses moisture as we age and this is part of what contributes to wrinkles. A good moisturizer combined with collagen boosters is often just to think to put a youthful firmness and glow back in your skin. This is especially true when the compound if given time to sit.

Gold facials are fun new development and help support OROGOLD’s ideas. Their use of gold varies, but the fact that many use gold leaf over a compound does mean you’re likely to receive fewer of any benefits you might get from contact with gold. No one will be able to doubt you’re having a gold facial though. Consider trying one if you want an extra boost for your skin for a special event. Above all else, a gold facial is certain to both look and feel luxurious.

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