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Amsterdam’s Biggest Department Store: De Bijenkorf

When in Amsterdam, you want to do some shopping. And who would blame you? Amsterdam is a hot-bed of cute vintage shops, haute couture boutiques, designer stores and everything in between. Another great place to go if you are into shopping is Amsterdam’s most centrally located and largest department store.

De Bijenkorf, translated “the beehive”, is located right on the main square in Amsterdam: De Dam. The area surrounding De Bijenkorf is usually thriving with street artists, tourists, locals and pigeons. You can sit here for hours and never get bored, watching all the people and the ever-changing artists. During the day, De Bijenkorf is a beautiful, old building; 6 stories of delicious shopping. At night, the building lights up to make it one of the focal points of the square.

De-Bijenkorf Store, Amsterdam

Inside the store, you will find 6 stories of a shoppers dream come true. Filled to the brim with modern architecture, shiny objects, amazing brands and everything to make you over from head to toe, it may surprise you to know that the store also has a salon, a coffee bar, a restaurant and, not joking, an art gallery.

On the ground floor, eloquently called “parterre”, you’ll walk right into their collection of luxury leather goods, jewelry, watches and perfume. As in traditional Dutch floor numbering, the next floor up is the “1st floor”, meaning the 1st level above the ground floor. This entire floor is dedicated to Men’s Fashion. From underwear, to suits, to shoes, to sunglasses, the fashionable male can find it all here. And when he grows tired of shopping, there is a café and lunchroom to grab a drink and a bite to recharge.

Moving up another level, to the 2nd floor, you will find Women’s Fashion. The latest collections from BURBERRY, Gucci, Prada and Diane von Furstenberg are waiting here for their new owners to take them home. On the next floor, the 3rd floor, a large section of women’s shoes can be found, among lingerie, more leather goods and fashion accessories, bed and bath linens, and a nail studio.

The 4th floor contains a bookstore, the children’s section and even a travel section. Once you have tired yourself out here, move on to the last level, where you will find a restaurant and rooftop terrace to regain your strength to move on to other shopping adventures in Amsterdam. And, if you so desire, you can get your hair done or book a beauty treatment.

De-Bijenkorf, Amsterdam

Shopping at De Bijenkorf is not your typical department store experience. This department store is a luxury store, which does not carry a full assortment of items, but rather a selective, yet modern, fashionable and luxurious selection of the best items.

Making a stop at De Bijenkorf is easy to do and takes little to no planning, as they have long opening hours every day of the week, and are located smack-dab in the middle of town, in a spot that you are very likely to visit anyway. And, most importantly, it’s totally worth your time!

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