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Ancient Egyptian Beauty Secrets

There have been beauty tips for as long as civilization has existed, and Ancient Egypt offers plenty of examples of these. The pharaohs and other important Egyptians did their best to take care of their skin to ensure they looked their best for the gods and for one another. OROGOLD makes no secret about taking inspiration from Cleopatra supposedly sleeping with a mask of gold to preserve her beauty, but what were other steps she took? What about other Egyptians? With that in mind, we’re going to look at some of these ancient skin care techniques and how they relate to modern options. Just because we’ve learned to do things more effectively doesn’t mean we in the modern age were the ones to invent them.

Natural oils.

Natural Oils
Various aromatic oils were used by the Egyptians for skin care. They helped to protect from the sun as well as exhibiting some of the tone evening properties of modern products. Accounts vary on all the oils that the Egyptians used, but castor oil and moringa oil likely saw use in various ways. OROGOLD is sure this option sounds familiar to modern readers more than anything else. The properties of various oils and natural extracts routinely make their way through the beauty and skin care worlds. It is not at all surprising that a clever, ancient people would have already known what it took us ages to rediscover.

Not Cleopatra’s mask of solid gold, but instead the topical products used for promoting healthy skin. The Ancient Egyptians weren’t ignorant of this particular trick either and used a number of different substances to create skin soothing masks. A favored one was honey and milk that helped keep skin moisturized and clean. Plenty of skin care products still incorporate honey or compounds from honey into themselves for the same reasons the Egyptians used them. The milk itself acted like a rich moisturizer with the cream helping along with the honey to help pamper the skin of the Egyptians despite the harsh sun.

Sea salts in a spa.

Sea Salt Bath
A combination of exfoliating properties and minerals made bathing in the Dead Sea an option for some Egyptians. This helped keep their skin fresh and youthful thanks to the fortifying minerals in the water. The area continues to be enjoyed by people to this day and not just for the benefits to skin. The Dead Sea’s waters in general are supposed to have an overall therapeutic effect. Naturally, this ancient beauty tip connects directly to the importance of routine exfoliation. It helps remove layers of dead skin and exposes the youthful skin beneath it. Not only that, but the mineral bath side of it connects to the various fortifying compounds placed in products today to achieve the same effects.

In a way, looking back on Ancient Egypt we can see a distant reflection of today’s quest for beautiful skin. Egyptians were as human as anyone and searched through their world to find just the right things to keep themselves looking their best. OROGOLD does its best to continue on in this legacy by providing you with the option to enjoy the finer aspects of Egyptian skin care without any of the drawbacks from using more makeshift products. Don’t forget to respect the Egyptians for their advances though as we certainly do.

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