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Are Skin Care Pills Our Future

There’s something infinitely appealing about looking to the future. There’s nothing written for sure and the limitless possibilities bewilder and inspire us. One of our biggest collective hopes when we look to the future is typically for an easy solution to a chronic problem. We expect the endless “If onlys” of the world to be consolidated into a neatly packaged form available for convenient purchase. OROGOLD doesn’t know where the future of skin care is going to go, but many people wonder if there’s isn’t a hope to be able to remove the endless the routines we go through to make our skin look as beautiful as we know it can be. In the spirit of this question, we’re going to look at what exists that might hint at a future where skin care is a simple as a pill and whether that might ever happen.

The Science of Skin Care
We touch on a lot of current and upcoming trends when we discuss skin care. Some of these fade away before they become established due to a lack of support and others end up becoming regular parts of the skin care world. Currently, there is a lot of questioning on whether on not DNA testing will play much of a role in skin care in the near future. We’ve discussed this elsewhere, but the quick summary is that the technology isn’t quite there right now. However, we’re not concerned with the here and now in this article. Let’s suppose that we improve upon existing techniques enough in the future that we have a clearer idea of what genes code for which skin types. This would give us a genetic level look at your skin and provide evidence of what your skin would and would not be susceptible to damage-wise. You could plan your routines and habits around this, but that isn’t quite so simple as taking a pill.

The Potential Pill?
One thing we need to look at briefly is that the skin is a complex organ. There are three identifiable layers to it with countless little parts in each that go about their routines that help maintain their sections of the organ. Skin conditions are generally more than one set not working appropriately at the time. This complicates the quest for a simple pill for skin care. However, we all know that there are certain vitamins and nutrients that are highly effective when it comes to supporting the skin. OROGOLD has done whole article on skin supporting foods to give you an idea of possible diet changes. It is entirely possible that the skin care industry may isolate the best ones into a skin supporting pill one day. This would likely help ease the burden of ensuring you’re getting the right nutrients for your skin, but it isn’t really the hypothetical pill for “perfect skin”.

Science Fiction vs. Reality
In truth, the idea of a pill for perfect skin in the future is more a product of science fiction than of reality. Tailored skin care products and a designer supplement to specifically support your skin alone may be entirely feasible, but the skin is highly complicated. You can provide it with the nutrients to make up for particular conditions, but taking them in any form won’t make the condition go away. On top of this, a lot of the most cherish vitamins and nutrients in skin care work best when applied topically. You can still get an effect when taking them orally, but it is much smaller as the nutrients then have to filter through the body to reach the skin. Skin conditions like psoriasis and rosacea are triggered by multiple factors including environmental ones that a pill can’t do anything about. This makes our hypothetical pill, if not impossible, highly improbable for the foreseeable future.

The future may show now end of promise in some areas, but it is still ultimately controlled by the knowledge we have and can see that we might have. Science fiction often gives people unreasonable hopes for what the future may look like. It is true that flying cars and even a hoverboard currently exist, but pills to stop aging, give people perfect skin, or cure cancer simply don’t exist. OROGOLD hates to admit it, but sometimes we must all bow to the complexity of the problems. Perhaps we’ll have these easy solutions one day, but it isn’t like that it will be anytime soon.

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