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At-Home Laser Treatment

Unwanted hairs in the wrong place are an incredibly common problem. Most of the time we default to using a razor or epilating to try and deal with the problem. Razors are quick and relatively painless, but the results don’t last very long. Epilators take more time and can be painful at first, but the results can last two to three weeks for most people. There are variations on each kind of hair removal, but they all have benefits and drawbacks. We’re just getting into a time when another method is available for at-home hair removal: laser. Anyone living a healthy lifestyle has likely seen one of these products before. They hold promise for helping remove hair and keeping your skin smooth, but just how far can they go?

The Upper Limit
At-home laser treatments are not permanent solutions to patches of unwanted hairs. This may disappoint some people looking for an easier route for permanently removing a troublesome collection of hairs, but the truth is it requires a supervised laser hair removal treatment to begin the process of permanent removal. Even those treatments take repeated visits to entirely kill and remove the hair in the skin. At-home laser treatments do damage and even temporarily kill the hairs, but the effects are seldom deep enough to cause true or permanent removal. The higher quality forms of at-home laser treatment do offer results of up to a year of hair removal in some cases though. This might as well be permanent for most people who tend to worry about unwanted hair in particular seasons only. Most common products will provide a few months, but remember that laser treatments typically require multiple sessions to work properly.

How Do They Work?
In essence, laser treatments all target the living hair in the skin rather than the shaft. Pulsed laser flashes penetrate into the skin to damage and kill the hair enough that your body needs to take the time to repair it. The damage often causes the hair to become lighter or break due to the lack of support within the skin. Most products you’ll use have a small aperture through which the flashes are applied. This is held next to or against the skin depending on the individual product. The proximity and flashes will gradually decrease the amount of hairs in the area to the point that there are almost none or none left depending on the effectiveness. Notably, these devices are less effective for people with darker skin tones due to the insulation the skin tone provides for the skin, but they also are less effective on blonde and red hairs as the laser is not as effective on the lighter tones found in such hairs. Those with fair skin and dark hair will get the most out of these products.

What To Look For
The largest thing to consider is how long you want your product to be with you. Some at-home laser treatment options are complete products that will eventually wear out due to the requirements of the technology. Other products incorporate a cartridge design, the same kind of philosophy seen in razors, that allow you to keep using your product for as long as they make replacement cartridges to fuel the lasers. The former tend to be long lasting and quicker to work while the latter tend to have comparatively short-lived cartridges that take longer to work. Cartridge-based laser treatments are a little more resilient by their nature though and often offer more versatile usage options. You also want to investigate the levels of pain to be expected from a given product. A laser treatment will commonly cause at least a slight burning sensation when working and anyone wishing to avoid this should carefully examine their options.

At-home laser treatments aren’t ready for wide distribution, but can offer those of us living a healthy lifestyle a way to tell stubborn, unwanted hairs to go away. It remains a temporary treatment even though the results last far longer than most other options. At-home laser treatments are still a tasteful option for helping to ensure you look your best and feel confident when you were your favorite outfit in the summer though. Consider one of these products, but never forget that there is no shame in using a razor or epilator just because lasers are also available.

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