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Australian High-End Shopping Destinations

People travel for a variety of reasons. Most of us derive pleasure from escaping the familiar day to day, but occasionally travel also affords us extra opportunities like luxury shopping. Its hard to find a good luxury shopping location even when you’re familiar with an area. Not every area can support a location with a higher end clientele. Fortunately, travel means you can aim to visit locations that can and make the most of it. Australia, like most countries, has its share of locations that truly stand out when it comes to high-end shopping. OROGOLD has put together a quick list of the highlights so that you know where you’ll want to visit the next time you find yourself in Australia. We do suggest that you remember to bring your walking shoes as seeing all some of these places have to offer can be quite the trek.

Market Street, Sydney
Many things are located in Sydney’s central business district, but some of the best are along Market Street if fashion is your favorite reason to shop. You’ll find plenty of luxury shopping in the area. The great fashion houses have their outposts in addition to various local shops designed to provide you with beautiful mementos of your travels. The high fashion of the area doesn’t just encompass the international outposts though. Many highly reputable local designers also make their home in the vicinity of Market Street. One of the best parts of so many options being in one place is that you can not only find a few outfits in the shops, but you need only walk across the street to find appropriate accessories. Both ethnic and traditional jewelry are available from the shops in the area. In the end, you’ll be glad this place is in the heart of Sydney as it means you won’t need to travel far to have a bite to eat when you need to take a break.

Norwood Parade, Adelaide
Rundle Mall is typically the first thing that comes to mind for many people when it comes to shopping in Adelaide. It’s true that the massive mall houses plenty of shopping for all tastes, but the most interesting shopping is actually along the Norwood Parade. This road in the suburbs of Adelaide is home to countless boutique shops and cafes each vying for your attention. It should be highlighted that OROGOLD is highlighting the Norwood Parade in specific as plenty of recognizable sources for fashion are found along the street. Like Sydney’s Market Street, there are also local designers that make their homes here as well. The true attraction of Norwood Parade is the boutique shopping experience that it offers as a contrast to something cluttered like Rundle Mall. Each shop is its own experience that will help guide and shape your vision of the possibilities for the day.

The Emporium, Melbourne

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The Emporium, Melbourne
Sometimes you want to avoid needing to walk large distances, but don’t want to sacrifice variety. The Emporium is Melbourne’s solution to this problem. The shopping center is relatively compact compared to our other choices, but packs in as many big names as possible under its roof. You can find everything you could want within The Emporium. Designer clothes, accessories, and other items are all easily reached without needing to cross streets or catch a ride further down a street. It focuses on maintaining an opulent air that caters to those seeking the finer things. It doesn’t stop with luxury goods though as The Emporium also plays host to various restaurants capable of catering to most palates. The centralized location even makes the site easily found even in Melbourne’s central business district. Whatever you’re looking for, The Emporium will do its best to help you find it.

The best high-end shopping doesn’t have to be hard to find. OROGOLD has highlighted some of the most well-known places you can find luxury shopping in Australia, but these aren’t the only ones. We suggest listening to locals and finding the hidden gems as well. You never know what currently unknown designer might be lurking in a boutique shop somewhere nearby just waiting to appear on the international scene.

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