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Beauty Inspired by Cleopatra

An epic historical film made in 1963, Cleopatra focuses on the life and struggles of Cleopatra VII, the legendary queen of ancient Egypt. It was the most expensive film ever to be made up until that point, almost bankrupting 2th Century Fox at one point, but the results were phenomenal, winning four Academy Awards. In the movie, the beautiful Elizabeth Taylor stars as Cleopatra, and while it may have been over 50 years since the film was released, the beauty looks seen were classically timeless, and would not look at all out of place in today’s world. Here are some of OROGOLD’s tips on how to recreate the classic Cleopatra look.

The Base
When creating Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra look, everything will go much more smoothly if you have a good base to work from. Apply a foundation to your face, before using a powder to seal this in. Then, using a bronzer, highlight your cheekbones, as well as the ridge of your nose. Your brows also need to be quite thick and strong, so an eyebrow pencil or powder should be used to fill them in. OROGOLD recommends making them square and strong from the inner corners of your eye, and extending them past the outer edges.

Woman dressed like Cleopatra

The Eyes
Cleopatra’s eyes are arguably her most striking feature, and they are plenty of fun to recreate. Begin by outlining your eyes with a kohl pencil, taking it along the inner bottom lids and over to the top lids as well. Next, use a pressed eyeshadow, not a powder, on the outer edges of your eyelids to your eyebrows. OROGOLD recommends using an emerald blue or green shade. Using a deeper blue shade, follow the lines on the top and bottom lids that you created with the kohl, giving them a deep and smoky effect. Use a lighter shade to apply some shadow to the inner corners of your eye, and use a gold shade on the inside corners to give your eyes a bit of sparkle. In the movie, Cleopatra has amazing forked lines surrounding her eyes, giving them thick accents and truly making them stand out. You can create this with your kohl pencil, starting from the outer corners of your eyes and drawing an open triangle on your temple. Fill in the small area of the triangle with some gold – the same shade that you used on the inner corners of your eyes. Finally, go over the original kohl lines that you drew to just give them a bit more definition.

The Lips
OROGOLD advises that you don’t use too much color on your lips, as your eyes will be quite heavy and you want them to be able to really stand out. Opt for a matte peach shade on your lips, avoiding any gloss or anything that will make them too shiny.

While this look may be too extreme to wear on a daily basis, it can easily be toned down and simplified. To do this, OROGOLD would recommend keeping your eyebrows more natural, and not extending the eyeliner, resulting in a more simplified Cleopatra-inspired look.

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