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Beauty Inspired by the Oscars

Hollywood is, to many, the very essence of all that is glamorous and beautiful. That makes The Oscars one of the primary times to possibly see all that is currently regarded as beautiful. Celebrities of all ages appear to walk the red carpet and be seen. They step from their vehicles like small slices of perfection and make their way towards their eventual destination. People show up simply to see them and what they’ve got in mind. As some of the richest and most well-connected people, they’re able to ask what’s in and ensure that they have a look custom-tailored for the evening. In many ways, this helps us because it helps us see what’s still in. With that in mind, we’ve plucked out some of the looks that everyone’s favorite celebrities were using as they walked down the red carpet. Some of them may be familiar to those who follow Fashion Week routinely.

Ellie Goulding

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Natural Makeup
Even celebrities seem to be favoring utilizing a “natural” look for their appearances. There were some distinct shades on the red carpet, but for the most part, many celebrities simply looked beautifully human. Most often the emphasis to their looks came from lipstick or eyeliner choice depending on where they wanted people to focus. It’s inevitable that many of them likely enjoyed treatments before the Oscars to help prep their skin for seeing and being seen by others as such a prestigious event, but it doesn’t detract from their human looks. Natural makeup appears to be popular across all ages. It did seem the younger crowd were a bit more likely to experiment with livelier colors, but some older celebrities did as well. Regardless, this is a clear sign from makeup artists that the natural look remains in.

Margot Robbie

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Red, Red Lips
As we highlighted, lipstick was one of the larger distinctions when mostly natural makeup was in us. Many celebrities opted for shades of deep, luscious red when it came to their lipstick. It provided a distinct splash of color that help light up their face. The fashion forward likely remember this trend from last fall’s Fashion Week. The transition to brilliant red tones gives a distinct sign that the celebrities are preparing for the coming of spring. As far as looks go, it was favored across the spectrum of celebrities. There were some exceptions of course. These often related to utilizing a look that complements other aspects of their outfit better. Beauty enthusiasts can settle down for spring comfortable in the knowledge that brilliant reds will still be favored.

Halle Berry

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Dress to Impress
As expected, the outfits on the red carpet were naturally superb. There weren’t very many things that truly stood out though. Most celebrities opted to toe the line between modern and timeless elegance when it came to choosing their outfits. Many of them were courtesy of notable fashion designers and custom tailored, as always, but the sense of traditional looks held sway. There were a handful of people who opted to shift classic looks around with different color choices or slightly different cuts, but nothing actually stole the show. Many commentators were actually surprised by this due to the red carpet being traditionally a competition to see who could be the most eye-catching. This makes it hard to highlight anything about outfits that could be inspiring. Strive for a classical elegance with a modern flavor and you’ll have achieved the feeling of The Oscars this year.

Some watch The Oscars for the nominations, but many of us watch it to figure out who the beautiful people are at the moment. This year provided a glimpse into continuing makeup trends, but little else. People favor looking like their best selves than inhuman beauties for the time being. This is a somewhat reassuring trend for many of us given Hollywood’s dedication to some interpretation of perfection. Allowing celebrities to appear more natural is a sign perhaps that people favor human beauty again. That is the sort of beauty that one can easily cultivate.

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