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Beauty Routines From Around The World

Trying to find ways to improve on our beauty routines is something that a lot of us do. After all, staying aware of tips and tricks can give us a little bit more insight into how to care for our own skin even if we don’t use a particular trick. Beauty routines have been with us for as long as civilizations and as a result, that means everywhere has its own particular recommendations when it comes to routines. These help to guide the core principles of beauty for a given area of the world. Most of what we read about in strictly Western in its origins, but Korean beauty, in particular, has been getting a lot of attention lately thanks to its thoroughness and apparent effectiveness. That makes it worthwhile to take a look at elements of various beauty routines from around the world. Everyone has to be doing something right or the routines wouldn’t persist and, in the case of Korean routines, wouldn’t be so enticing to people around the world. Admittedly, it is best to start with the familiar.

As one of the archetypal homes of beauty and fashion, France has a lot to say on both topics. Beauty tends to be a fairly heavy focus even if someone isn’t interested in fashion. There are a few key things that need to be noted about French beauty routines. They focus on living as a key part of their beauty. This means enjoying what the world have to offer. A healthy diet and actively enjoying the beauty of the world by being out in it helps them keep their skin beautiful. Admittedly, there is also a long tradition of seaside beauty routines utilizing seaweed and salt water. The combination of sea air, water, and oceanic beauty products is credited as key to French beauty. There are plenty who stick to more easily accessible options though. Masks are another central part to French beauty where people support their skin with just the right masks to keep their skin healthy. This is a particular lesson we can all use regardless of where we are in the world.

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While the Korean beauty secrets obsession isn’t as potent as it once was, the various tricks we can glean from their routines remain invaluable. These routines always include a form of double cleansing that starts with rinsing and then using an oil-based cleanser that is followed up with a water-based or foaming cleanser. This trick is viewed as one of the foundations of Korean beauty because it thoroughly cleans the skin and allows all other steps to be that much more effective. Most of the routine looks relatively normal after that beyond the use of a hydrating toner followed up by essence. This last bit is a special product typically sprayed on the face to hydrate and nourish it. Masks are later used to help seal everything close to the skin for a beautiful end result that captured the world’s attention. There’s no denying that this clear focus on cleanliness and nourishing the skin certainly seems to work. It does clearly take effort and dedication to make the most of this sort of routine though.

Oils figure heavily into Indian beauty as well as natural ingredients from the country. Herbs and spices that might be used in Ayurvedic medicine also turn up. Oil is one of the more popular options as it can be used in so many ways though. Oil massages are particularly popular way to enhance the skin’s beauty and luster. This helps thanks to the often infused oils being massaged into the skin. Skin is at once nourished and moisturized by the oils while the massage helps to boost blood flow through the skin that in turn promotes greater health. Hot oil treatments for hair are also somewhat popular. Turmeric, an ingredient the West associated with Indian cuisine, is also used in various traditional preparations for brightening and healing the skin. Some products are available that utilize it as an antioxidant and overall age-defying ingredient as well. These specialized practices exist alongside modern skincare options as well and help to create the foundations of Indian beauty routines.

Beauty routines from around the world do vary from location to location, but each set of routines addresses the same concerns. The difference is the ingredients that people found to fill those functions. Traditional beauty practices do still exist to a degree, but a lot of the time there are many modern products that fill the same function. Finding the best traditional practices and combining them with the best modern products will help to ensure everyone has happy, healthy skin.

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