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Beauty Treatments Inspired by Cleopatra

The legends of Cleopatra’s beauty have defied time itself and continue to reach the ears of people in the modern era. OROGOLD has previously discussed the true secrets of her beauty and how it is that her legend may have achieved its permanence. There is still something to be said to drawing on the beauty treatments she supposedly used though. The Egyptians were by no means an ignorant people. They knew skin care as good as anyone else for their level of technology and there is still something to be learned from it. As a result, we’re going to look briefly at some treatments that Cleopatra supposedly used and their modern relatives. Hopefully, you’ll end up with a greater appreciation for just how much the Egyptians actually knew.

Milk and honey in a spa.

Milk and Honey
Cleopatra is credited with using milk and honey in several ways. Most often she’s credited with using them in a bath, but there are some who claim she used a mixture of it as a mask as well. Milk is a natural moisturizer capable of helping rejuvenate the skin when used properly. On top of that, it can act as fairly simplistic cleanser in a pinch thanks to milk technically being slightly acidic. There are other aspects, but these two are ones that we see fairly routinely in skin care. Honey has antibacterial properties. Raw honey is also actually a decent exfoliator as well. Think about the products in your skin care routine. Most people use moisturizers daily and exfoliate at least once a week. There are even specialized anti-bacterial products meant to help subdue or prevent acne breakouts. The only difference is that we’re a lot better at making them now.

Woman with a gold face mask.

As mentioned, a milk and honey mask is sometimes credited to Cleopatra, but the most enduring beauty idea she provided was her golden mask. This is part is rather dear to OROGOLD given it was the inspiration for what we do. Gold had associations with timelessness for the Egyptians. This is at least partly why Cleopatra wore the mask. We still use masks to this day though. From paper to pure product, each mask has its place in helping protect and rejuvenate the skin. It is a bit harder than you’d think to get a mask of pure gold fit to your face these days. This is probably because there are fewer rulers claiming a divine right, but you can at least feel something similar with our Deep Tissue Rejuvenation Mask. You get not only Cleopatra’s beloved gold, but all the luxuries of modern skin care as well.

Woman enjoying a scrub.

Another beauty technique that Cleopatra is credited as using is a simple salt scrub. Sea salts mixed with either oils or thick milk were rubbed on her body by her servants according to some sources. This really is nothing more than the scrubs most of us are familiar with using. Obviously, a sea salt scrub is one of the rougher scrubs available and best suited for use on the body instead of the face due to the potential for damage to the sensitive skin of the face. You have a lot more options than Cleopatra when it comes to picking your scrub today though. Salt, sugar, and various natural substances are each available as the primary exfoliant. You even have a choice of extra ingredients that help fortify the skin as your exfoliate. Cleopatra’s oils and milk likely served a similar function in her day. You’re probably better off picking a product tailored to your skin type instead of trying the old recipes though.

Beauty and skin care have come a long way since the time of Cleopatra. The Egyptians certainly we’re trying things randomly when it came to skin care. What we can tell about Cleopatra and other Egyptian’s skin care routines clearly shows they understood the value of moisturizing, exfoliating, and enhancing the skin as readily as any skin care specialist today. OROGOLD and others have simply refined the older arts into specialized and more effective products today. The inspiring quest for beauty, much like gold, seems to be eternal.

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