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Bedtime Routines That Help You Get More Sleep

Not getting enough sleep is such a common problem that is might as well be the signature problem of the modern era. There are plenty of reasons for it too. The ready availability of electrical lighting ends up meaning that there’s plenty of light to disrupt our brain’s natural approach to falling light levels. We’ve got plenty of people willing to contact us at all hours too. Combine this with the lionization of sacrificing one’s health to get a project done and we end up with a dangerous situation where it makes sense that so many of us are getting less sleep than we need. There are ways to try to hack around many of the modern issues that get in the way of our ability to sleep though. Making the right routines for bedtime can help you get that extra sleep that you can feel you need. Let’s take a quick look at some of the better options.

Make A Bed Time
A big flaw in the modern approach to getting some sleep is that when we go to bed tends to vary. One night we might get to bed early while another we stay up well into the night to watch a favorite show. A lack of consistency when it comes to getting some sleep ends up jarring our body’s natural rhythm for falling asleep. That’s why making an actual bed time and sticking with it is one of the better things you can do to encourage your body to get more sleep. The consistency will let your body slip into sleep far more readily as it will know when you are “supposed” to be sleeping. It is worth noting that small variation is acceptable such as a weekday and weekend bedtime. Don’t let these get too much out of sync though or you’ll end up having problems. Regardless, setting a bedtime and sticking with it is only one of the potential routines you can adopt.

Turn Things Off
You probably won’t be surprised to find out that the fact people can contact us anywhere and at any time tends to play a large role in many of us not getting enough sleep. There are alerts on our phones, computers, and various other devices that all strive to get our attention. They may be useful for keeping our days scheduled and reminding us of important dates, but there’s no denying it can all get to be a little much. This is especially true when we’re trying to sleep. The vast majority of us do not have jobs that require us to be available 24/7 and acting like we do is disrupting our sleep. Make the effort to turn off your various alerts as part of your bed time. You do not need to be woken up in the middle of the night because someone on the other side of the country decides they want to reconnect. Preventing your devices from disturbing your rest will let you get more sleep.

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Wind Down
Many of try to go directly from doing things to trying to rest. That’s not how the brain works though. It needs a cool down period in which it slowly relaxes after being used. That’s why it can be a good idea to set an early bedtime and then spend an hour or so doing a relaxing activity in bed such as reading. Make sure to turn the light in the room lower as well. Lower light levels will be a cue to your brain that it is approaching time to rest and make the transition to sleep easier. Additionally, taking that extra hour to calm down will further let your brain make that transition smoothly. Allowing yourself to slowly move towards feeling tired offers a more natural progression that both isn’t as disruptive and is more likely to help you get to sleep quickly instead of resulting in tossing and turning. Remembering this should help you get better quality sleep.

Adjusting bedtime routines can mean the difference between getting enough sleep at night and feeling tired the next day. Too much about the modern era seems to conspire to wreck our chances at getting a decent night’s sleep, but we don’t have to accept that. Making the effort to set routines that help us get enough sleep will benefit our health and appearance both. It certainly won’t hurt to be more alert and rested each day either.

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