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Best Beauty Products for a Beautiful and Fast Morning

One of the most annoying aspects of most beauty routines is their habit to grow over time. Most people begin at the most basic routines possible and then build up and, sadly, out from there. Before we know it, there’s a wall of products that we like to use to get the absolute most out of a routine. The problem is that the wall of products end up taking longer than we genuinely want to spend on a routine. This is especially true when it comes to morning routines. OROGOLD understands there’s an inherent tension in wanting to look your best, but needing to make sure you get to work on time. One of the best ways to solve this problem is to select the products you actually need. We’ve put together a quick list of what types of products you actually need to make the most out of your mornings.

The Basics
You will always need a cleanser and an exfoliating product. Sometimes these will be the same product depending on the particular needs of your skin. We would like to remind you that most people only need to exfoliate their skin two to three times a week and as a result, you should have a non-exfoliating cleanser as well. You should always have these products though as they help build the basis for the rest of your products. Cleansing and exfoliating prepares your skin for your other products. They clean away the debris that would otherwise diminish the effectiveness of your products. It also helps restore smoothness and a natural glow to your skin that will be enhanced as you go through the rest of your morning routine.

The Specialists
After cleaning your skin, you want to apply the products that help you deal with particular skin concerns in addition to a moisturizer. This step is actually easier than you’d think as most people can benefit from a general or specialized serum. Additionally, it is a good time to put on an eye cream to help protect the skin around your eyes. You don’t need a full suite of products quite like you’re used to doing at night though. The day is for movement and as a result, OROGOLD suggests keeping your product choices light during the day. This helps keep your skin healthier and means you have less to touch up about during the day. Stick to serums, lotions, and maybe a dab of a cream in problem areas. This will be enough to help your skin without complicating things.

The last of your care products is likely to be some kind of moisturizer to make up for any drying from other specialty products. We recommend it as it helps keep your skin healthy and adds an extra layer of protection between you skin and any makeup. Your makeup choices are up to you, but keeping these light is advisable as well. Remember that this reduces the amount of debris that can end up trapped by your skin over the course of the day. If you can, try to find moisturizing foundation in place of any non-moisturizing one that you already use. Some makeups can contribute to dry skin and countering it with a basic layer of makeup offers more protection. A current beauty trend is to focus on “natural” makeup that doesn’t even appear to be there. Stick to nudes and casual looks. This should keep your makeup routine relatively quick and light.

A morning routine doesn’t have to be a sprawling mess of products. You can get by with less than eight products in total as long as you select what you actually need and ensure each product is doing the most for your beauty. The goal isn’t to do less to protect your skin, but to streamline it. OROGOLD recommends looking through your current product choices and seeing if there is any repetition. You don’t need this when you need to be getting out the door. Streamlining your routine can be painful, but it will help you become better at bringing out your best.

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