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Best Luxury Shopping of 2015

Finding the best places to shop is and isn’t a difficult thing. Everyone has their favorite haunts and most worthwhile places let you know when there’s a good deal to be had or when the latest styles are arriving. Most of us navigate these announcements fluidly and tuck them away for when we have the time. It isn’t surprising that we occasionally forget about some of these given how frequent they are throughout the year. OROGOLD has decided to take a quick look back across 2015 to see what some of the best luxury shopping was during the year. Don’t think of it as what you missed though. Think of this as more of a list of names to keep a watch on as 2016 begins to get fully underway.

Saks Fifth Avenue

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Saks Fifth Avenue
This is probably one of the names most expect on this list and that’s for a good reason. Plenty of goods are available at Saks with a distinct attention to detail and quality. The goal is to create shopping that is as much about the items themselves as it is the atmosphere of the location. Few would argue that Saks Fifth Avenue can’t lay a firm claim to the later. Beyond the attention to detail, you can be sure the names you know and love are waiting somewhere nearby. Few of the fashion houses resist having their offerings available at a Saks store. The style and dedication of each group to their particular craft is too well-matched. While they haven’t necessarily scaled up the experience of luxury boutique shopping, Saks Fifth Avenue still maintained its place in the world of shopping in 2015.

Apple store

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There really isn’t much more that can be said about this electronics giant that hasn’t been said before. Their visionary leader, Steve Jobs, may have died, but his legacy continues. The sleek merging of function and form makes Apples’ various gadgets the go-to for many celebrities and others seeking high-quality products that maintain an eye for style. A standardized design style ensures you’re able to coordinate their devices with any outfit. Additionally, plenty of the great fashion houses and other designers offer cases and other options to customize Apple’s devices to ensure they are indispensable parts of your favorite ensemble. Adding to their stylish design is that Apple does its best to be conveniently located and maintains a similarly aesthetically pleasing flow to their stores to ensure you’re capable of finding the best device for your needs or simply updating the newer and better models that became available last year.

The Shop at Crystals

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The Shops At Crystals; City Center, Las Vegas
For a change of pace, let’s focus on one of the most luxurious places to shop that’s grounded in one location. This shopping mall brings all the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas under one aegis and puts a price tag on most of it. It is a favorite haunt for celebrities and international travelers looking to see the finest things to find in Las Vegas. Not only will you find the outposts of the great fashion houses, but various other luxury brands make their home here. It provides a wonderful way to while away the hours in Las Vegas without needing to spend time at the tables. Of course, The Shops At Crystals are located in Vegas and that does mean one very important thing: the house always wins. Between its variety and beauty, you’re sure to find something to tickle your fancy while wandering The Shops. With its endless refinements and continual seeking to include the best fashions under its rough, The Shops distinguished themselves in 2015 and seem determined to stay in top form.

Luxury shopping remains an experience for you to seek out. Most of the time you’ll find it in concentrated areas where people cultivate ambiance and the right shops. You might get lucky and find luxury boutiques secreted away in various places though. OROGOLD recommends exploring places when you’re traveling. While we highlighted two chains capable of satisfying two separate kinds of luxury shopping, a little exploration may reveal still other places that were some of the best luxury shopping in 2015 and intended to remain that in one into the new year.

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