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Biggest Celebrity Skin Care Tips

Striving to look your best sometimes feels like an endless quest towards something you can never reach. It doesn’t help that every celebrity we ever see seems perfectly beautiful or handsome at all times. Time itself seem to seldom touch them. There are plenty of reasons for this. One of the most blatant reasons is that the media cheats and retouches photographs to remove all-too-human imperfections from celebrities to make them seem eternal. We do also have to acknowledge that celebrities also have access to highly competent professionals that help them make good skin care decisions as well. OROGOLD does its best to pass along good skin care practices and with that in mind, we’ve put together a list of skin care tips supported by some of the world’s cherished celebrities.

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An eternal theme among celebrity skin care tips is the overall importance of hydration. They talk about moisturizing properly and the ingredients they like routinely. It is frequently credited with being one of the best ways they’ve found to encourage soft, youthful skin. The general advice is to find a moisturizer that is suitable for your skin type and to stick to it until your skin’s needs change. Additionally, don’t skip out on using moisturizing products for specific areas. An eye cream will help the skin around your eyes more than a general moisturizer. Each typically comes with other ingredients meant to help that particular area of the skin as well. Some celebrities also stress the importance of remembering to drink water frequently in addition to using moisturizers. Moisturizers will help trap topical moisture, but drinking enough water nourishes your skin and body from the inside out.

Use Makeup Intelligently
Celebrities love their makeup as much as the next person and have opinions just as varied on what makes for the best kinds. They do tend to agree on a few things though. One of the most important of these is to remember to keep makeup light. Celebrities move through a world where they constantly have to wear makeup for social engagement after social engagement to ensure they look their best. This leads to them rapidly learn the costs of wearing heavy makeup all the time. Keeping it light helps keep your skin healthy and makes cleaning the makeup off or refreshing it far easier. Additionally, they generally advice to never forget to remove your makeup before going to bed. This is a relatively common beauty mistake for everyone. It follows the same reasoning as why you should wear light makeup. Your skin benefits from being clean and not having layers of product on it constantly. So heed their advice and treat your skin well.


There are other ways to get smoother, youthful looking skin when you’re in a hurry. Not all celebrities bother with a routine constantly, but that doesn’t mean they get to schedule events requiring them to be there. Many celebrities actually make use of microdermabrasion treatments in the weeks before a big event to help deal with any skin issues that have popped up from being lax in their skin care. OROGOLD has touched on the benefits of this treatment before, but the rough summary is that it is a fine-grained form of physical exfoliation. It leaves the skin smoother, healthier, and with fewer visible signs of aging by removing layers of dead skin cells and other debris that build up on the skin. It sometimes takes only a single treatment to see an improvement in the quality of one’s skin. Even if you don’t want to utilize it as a way to make up for lax habits, microdermabrasion can offer a solid boost to any longer term skin care plans.

In a world where celebrities seem more than human, their skin care advice often ends up being perfectly human. Things are this way because all the people advicing them are often just as trained as your dermatologist or esthetician. Beauty secrets all revolve around making the best of your own skin. OROGOLD hopes this has given you a little insight into better ways to take care of your skin. Just remember that the big stars have to struggle with skin care just like you.

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