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Boots are Made for Walking

Spring is coming and with it are the changes of the new fashion season. We’re lucky that each Fashion week gives us a season or two to prepare the incoming changes to fashion. There tends to be a lot of focus on the clothes and the makeup, but footwear is what we’re concerned with this time. The Spring and Summer of 2016 Fashion Week featured its share of boots and that means it is the right time to started digging through that closet or going to the store to find your on-trend looks. There were a few classic looks, but many of them had some variations on them. With that in mind, we’ve put together a quick look at a few of the strongest trends in boots to expect as spring progresses.

Knee-high boots.


Knee High Boots
Okay, so maybe not all of the taller boots that graced the catwalks were fully up to the knee, but many of them were tall enough to provide coverage for most of the calf. These tall boots remain a potentially classic look when worn with the right outfit. There were still the same minor additions and trends seen in other footwear that help adjust the predominant look of them for this season. Lace-up boots and buckles were clearly among the most popular options. Designers didn’t shy away from this style of boot at all and made full use of it. Flat boots weren’t the most popular for this particular cut of boot though. Many of them favored smaller heels to add that extra fashionable edge.

Woman wearing cowboy boots

A Less Wild West
Cowboy boots take a few iconic forms and they have a gathering attention being paid to them this year. The absolutely iconic look didn’t feature heavily on the catwalks, but there were various boot designs that drew heavily on the idea. Many of the options seen on models were more colorful than a standard set of these boots. Wedges and other thick fashion-oriented heels were the order of the day in most cases. The mixes of leather and fabric were used to provide an old-fashioned flair with a distinctly modern set of sensibilities. Consider keeping an eye out for boots like this that incorporate buckles into the design as those are a smaller, but notable trend in footwear as a whole as spring arrives. Don’t feel you have to ignore boots that don’t go up your calves either as you can certainly make use of shorter forms of cowboy boots thanks to our next trend.

Ankle high boots

Ankle Boots
It hardly seems fair to call some of these boots, but this variation of the shoe style has proven immensely popular in the fashion world recently. The variations seem endless after all of the catwalks. They’ve incorporating many of the smaller trends like buckles, glitter, and even see-through heels depending on the particular designer. A good pair of ankle boots isn’t determined by its overall extravagance despite these trends though. In fact, a classic, solid black or brown suede leather pair of ankle boots can be just the thing to add an extra dash of elegance to an outfit. Experimenting with the wilder side of footwear isn’t going to get you any looks in 2016 though thanks to the glitter trend all across the beauty and fashion world. You can still breathe a sigh of relief if ankle boots aren’t your personal style though as options remain.

Designers are always looking for ways to improve upon the old and make it new again. Boots offered them plenty of opportunities this year between the larger and smaller trends. The microcosms of innovation continue to have a place for people who favor a traditional look thanks to the breadth of cuts maintained this season. Those looking to stay the most on trend should remember glittering boots, buckles, and lace-up options are receiving the most favor this spring regardless of the designer.

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